Tim Roberts QC


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QEB News: R -v- Symons
3.10.2013 More >

QEB News: R v Dixon & Others
13.6.2013 More >

QEB News: Stephen Lawrence Murder Trial
4.1.2012 More >

Tim Roberts QC: Notable case

Stephen Lawrence Trial (2012)

The long awaited trial into the Stephen Lawrence murder which took place in 1993 has finally concluded, with both Mr Dobson & Mr Norris being found guilty of killing the teenager.

Two QCs from chambers are appearing in the case.  Mark Ellison QC prosecutes, while Tim Roberts QC represents Gary Dobson. For further details:



Notable cases:

R -v- Symons (2013)
Charged with the murder of company director, Patricia Goodband.

R v Dixon (2013)
Successful defence

Stephen Lawrence Trial (2012)
Dobson & Norris found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993

R v H (2011)

R v C (2010)
Human Trafficking

R v McK (2010)
Sexual Misconduct

R v F (2009)
Met Police officer successfully defended

R v C (2009)
Successful Murder defence

R v Baker & Others (2008)
"Baby P Murder"

R v L (2006)
Successful double murder defence