Tim Roberts QC


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QEB News: R -v- Symons
3.10.2013 More >

QEB News: R v Dixon & Others
13.6.2013 More >

QEB News: Stephen Lawrence Murder Trial
4.1.2012 More >

Tim Roberts QC: Notable case

R v Dixon (2013)

Tim Roberts QC represented Francis Dixon at Preston Crown Court.

Francis Dixon was found Not Guilty of Murder, Attempted Murder & causing an explosion after a 4 month trial at Preston Crown Court.

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Notable cases:

R -v- Symons (2013)
Charged with the murder of company director, Patricia Goodband.

R v Dixon (2013)
Successful defence

Stephen Lawrence Trial (2012)
Dobson & Norris found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993

R v H (2011)

R v C (2010)
Human Trafficking

R v McK (2010)
Sexual Misconduct

R v F (2009)
Met Police officer successfully defended

R v C (2009)
Successful Murder defence

R v Baker & Others (2008)
"Baby P Murder"

R v L (2006)
Successful double murder defence