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QEB News: Barclays Libor
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QEB News: New Tenants
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Tom Doble: Notable case

R v PBW (2015)

Defended former solicitor charged with offences of fraud and forgery.

Notable cases:

R v RR (2016)
Acting for a Barclays derivatives trader charged with alleged LIBOR manipulation.

R v M Ltd and MG (2016)
Charges of corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences.

Re SG (2016)
Acted for an interested party in confiscation proceedings, in which over £4 million was recovered.

DPS v PC G (2016)
Proceedings before the police disciplinary tribunal and police appeals tribunal concerning allegations of dishonesty.

R v KD (2015)
Defendant charged with carrying out unauthorised works to a grade II* listed building.

R v F ltd (2015)
Acted for company prosecuted by a local authority for offences arising from streetworks in breach of the legislative scheme.

R v P Ltd (2015)
Company charged with offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

R v PBW (2015)
Defended former solicitor charged with offences of fraud and forgery.

R v DP and LP (2015)
Conspiracy to handle 114 stolen vehicles.

NMC v GMcS (2014)
Defended nurse in misconduct proceedings concerning allegations of dishonesty.

R v MP (Innospec) (2014)
Executive charged with corruption of foreign government officials.

Re Lance-Bombadier RJ (2014)
Inquest proceedings

DPS v Sgt B and others (2013)
Proceedings before police disciplinary tribunal regarding improper text messages.

R v CF (2013)
Senior solicitor acquitted of domestic common assault