Business Crime: Notable case

R v Nabuguzi & others (Operation Spenser) (2012-Ongoing) (2014)

For the past 3 years, Paul Raudnitz and Kerry Broome have led a series of prosecutions as part of Operation Spenser – a multi-agency investigation uniting the UKBA, DWP and HMRC.  Operation Spenser targeted a multi-million pound immigration and benefit fraud stretching back over 20 years.  In May 2012, the main perpetrator, Ruth Nabuguzi, pleaded guilty to 26 offences including the global conspiracy to defraud numerous government departments and agencies.  In March 2014, a confiscation order in excess of £1.5m was made against her following a finding that she had hidden assets in Uganda.
On 25th October 2012 following a six week trial, Dennis Kyeyune, Jordan Sebutemba, Lamulah Sekiziyuvu and Albert Kaidi were convicted in relation to their involvement in the same conspiracy. Five other defendants had previously pleaded guilty to a range of related offences.

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On 26 January 2013 following a two-week trial, Azu Akpom was convicted of misconduct and public office and five counts of fraud in connection with his work as a Registrar for the London Borough of Newham.  Akpom had issued fraudulent birth certificates to Ruth Nabuguzi and co-conspirators to enable fraudulent benefits claims to be made.

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On 11 April 2014 Martial Tyson Nsoa was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and other associated offences.  He had previously absconded before returning to the UK to face prosecution.

So far, a total of 15 defendants have been successfully prosecuted and convicted, many of them following contested trials. 

Notable cases:

Operation Tabernula (Dodgson, Hind, Anderson, Parvizi, Harrison) 2016
Two convicted in the ‘biggest ever insider trading trial’; Mark Ellison instructed by the FCA to prosecute.
Mark Ellison QC | William Boyce QC

R -v- Mahoney (2015)
A Northern Ireland man was sentenced to 4 years in prison at Londonderry Crown Court last week for running an internet pirac
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v V (2015)
Former Swift executives acquitted of corruption charges
Rachna Gokani

Operation Cotton (2015)
Operation Cotton: Case Concludes - Sean Larkin QC, Paul Raudnitz and Polly Dyer act for Financial Conduct Authority
Sean Larkin QC | Paul Raudnitz | Polly Dyer

R v Rifat (2015)
Represented the FCA at the sentencing hearing of ex Moore’s Capital trader Julian Rifat
Mark Ellison QC

Operation Tabernula (2015)
The most complex insider dealing investigation undertaken so far by the Financial Services Authority
Mark Ellison QC | Tom Broomfield

R v Nabuguzi & others (Operation Spenser) (2012-Ongoing) (2014)
Commercial scale identity fraud
Paul Raudnitz | Kerry Broome

Mark Ellison represents defendant in SFO $40m corruption case. (2014)
Mark Ellison QC represented Bruce Hall, the co-operating defendant in the SFO's $40m corruption case related to the business
Mark Ellison QC

R v Grover & Arura (2014)
Paul Raudnitz and Caoimhe Daly acted for Brent and Harrow Trading Standards in the prosecution of what is believed to be the
Paul Raudnitz | Caoimhe Daly

R v O and others (2014)
Defence counsel in a case involving the disposal of the proceeds of a £17 million fraud
Nicholas Corsellis

R -v- Somaia (Ketan) (2014)
Successful private prosecution, Ketan Somaia was convicted by a jury of 9 counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception.
William Boyce QC | Rachna Gokani


Edward Henry comments on the future plans of the SFO
Interviewed by Jon Robbins of Lexis Nexis, Ed Henry considers David Green’s recent speech in which he outlined future p 24.9.2014
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LIBOR fixing
Sean Larkin QC considers the forthcoming prosecutions following the action by regulators worldwide and commencement of civil 24.10.2013
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QEB Hollis Whiteman barrister Polly Dyer and HHJ Michael Hopmeier assess the role and likely impact of Deferred Prosecution A 20.9.2013
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OFT Consultation Analysis
OFT's supplementary consultation on proposed changes to its existing guidance note on the handling of applications for lenien 5.11.2012
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Deferred Prosecution Agreements - Draft Legislation Tabled
Deferred Prosecution Agreements - Draft Legislation Tabled - 30.10.12 Earlier this week, the Government tabled legislation t 30.10.2012
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The Bribery Act 2010 - A Short Guide
Sean Larkin QC provides a new short guide to the Bribery Act 2010 8.11.2011
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Global Reference Guide: Fraud & White Collar Crime 2011
Financier Worldwide has released an e-book. Mark Ellison QC comments on the enhanced risk of those involved in running compa 18.5.2011
Download (PDF) >

Adequate Procedures Handout - Bribery Act 2010
Sean Larkin QC and Rachna Gokani provide further guidance in relation to the Bribery Act 29.9.2010
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Blackstones Guide to the Bribery Act - Rachna Gokani - Contributing Author
QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers are delighted to announce that the long awaited Blackstones Guide to the Bribery Act has been re 23.9.2010

Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC
Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC in conjunction with Commercial Crime International. 1.4.2010
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