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QEB News: Private Prosecutor secures £38 million in confiscation and compensation against “formidable and serial fraudsman” Ketan Somaia
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QEB News: Supreme Court judgement in VAT in confiscation proceedings appeal - Bill Boyce QC represents Appellant
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QEB News: Bill Boyce QC to speak at EY Private Prosecutions Seminar on Thursday 20th November
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QEB News: William Boyce QC and Rachna Gokani feature on Private Prosecutions in Law Society Gazette
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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Financial Crime and Crime by Chambers UK
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QEB News: Ketan Somaia convicted by a jury at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) in largest ever private prosecution brought by an individual in the UK. William Boyce QC and Rachna Gokani were instructed on behalf of the prosecution by Peters & Peters.
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QEB News: William Boyce QC interviewed for The Law Society Gazette ‘My legal life’ series.
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QEB News: William Boyce QC and Fraser Coxhill represent family at Inquest into the death of a soilder in Iraq
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QEB News: R v Martin
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QEB News: Review of OFT Consultation - Proposed Changes to Guidance Note on Applications for Leniency and No-action in Cartel Cases
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William Boyce QC: Notable case

Operation Eaglewood (2010)

Operation Eaglewood’ was the largest ever criminal case in London prosecuted by the CPS and the Metropolitan Police Service. This case, involving the laundering of €100 million in cash  and the seizure of more than £5 million pounds worth of cocaine, resulted in the convictions of 32 defendants, who together received a total sentence in excess of 200 years.

The controlling mind of the conspiracy to launder was  Eyad Iktilat, who received, following a reference to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General, a sentence of 30 years imprisonment, including 14 years for money laundering, the maximum allowed by statute. Also included in the list of defendants convicted of multi-kilo cocaine supply was Simon Ford, a London firefighter commended for bravery in the 7/7 Tavistock Square bombing, and Russell Tate, the brother of Patrick Tate, shot dead in the Rettendon Range Rover murders of 1995.

A team of counsel from QEB Hollis Whiteman, led by Bill Boyce QC, were exclusively instructed to prosecute this wide-ranging and highly complex series of trials taking place at Southwark, Woolwich and Kingston Crown Courts from February 2008 to January 2011.

Junior counsel in the main trials were Philip Evans and Bridget Petherbridge, who also prosecuted some of the later trials as leading junior counsel. Other trials in the series were prosecuted by Roger Smart and Lucy Kennedy. Philip Stott acted as a led junior across the whole operation, including in the Court of Appeal during the Attorney-General’s reference of some of the sentences as unduly lenient. Tom Broomfield and Caoimhe Daly also took on junior roles towards the end of the case


Notable cases:

Operation Tabernula (Andrew Hind) 2016
Two convicted and three acquitted in the ‘biggest ever insider trading trial’; William Boyce QC instructed on behalf of accountant Andrew Hind who is sentenced to just 3 years and six months.

R -v- Somaia (Ketan) (2014)
Successful private prosecution, Ketan Somaia was convicted by a jury of 9 counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception.

William Boyce QC and Fraser Coxhill represent family at Inquest into the death of a soilder in Iraq (2013)
Death of Soldier

R v Rose (2013)
Blackmail of Tamara Ecclestone

R v Martin (2013)
V Festival after party

R v Oppong (2012)
"Accused and accuser tried at the same time..

R v PD & EB (2012)
Major sanctions busting case collapses

British Airways / Virgin Price-Fixing Trial (2010)
First trial of cartel offence under Enterprise Act

Operation Eaglewood (2010)
Money laundering and drug trafficking. Prosecuting the largest case currently brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.

R v Calvert (2008)
Insider-dealing trial on behalf of the Financial Services Authority

R v Ikilat & others (2008)
Huge series of interlinked allegations of money-laundering


William Boyce QC and Rachna Gokani feature on Private Prosecutions in Law Society Gazette
Download (PDF) >

OFT Consultation Analysis
OFT's supplementary consultation on proposed changes to its existing guidance note on the handling of applications for lenien 5.11.2012
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