Edward Brown QC


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Edward Brown QC: Notable case

R v Hutchinson-Foster (2013)

Edward Brown QC & Philip Evans successfully prosecuted Hutchinson-Foster, who was found guilty of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan, who was later shot dead by police.

Mr Duggan's death later sparked riots in Tottenham which led to further disorder in a number of English cities and towns.

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Notable cases:

SFO – ongoing investigation into a major City corporate - lead criminal counsel.(2014- (2015)

R v Butler and Gray (ongoing) (2015)
Allegation of murder of 6 year old child, cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

HSE v JCB (2015)
Severe injuries to employee on the production line.

R v Wesley (2015)
Revenge killing of man accused of killing his sister

Turkish gang feud murders (2013- (2015)
R v Murat, R v Sagir, Toprak, R v Gunduz, R v Karakas, R v Marsh-Smith and Zerei, R v Lunkulu and four others, R v Dwyer. Nor

R v McKoy (2014)
Edward Brown prosecutes double murderer Roland McKoy

R v Malinovskij (2014)
Edward Brown QC and Ben FitzGerald act for the prosecution in ‘brutal and premeditated’ murder conviction

R v Williams (2014)
Murder of wife by setting her on fire in front of her children.

R v Jeffs (2013)
Edward Brown QC successfully prosecuted David Jeffs who was charged with murdering Roberto Troyan.    

R v Hutchinson-Foster (2013)
The gun-man who triggered the London Riots