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Sean Larkin QC - The Bribery Act - An Overview
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Sean Larkin QC: Notable case

R v Tony Morris (2012)

Tony Morris was unanimously acquitted of allegations of defrauding pension funds of £52m. The SFO alleged that Tony Morris, the former CEO of The Money Portal plc, had corrupted a pension trustee into disinvesting £52m of pension funds from gilts and reinvesting the proceeds in "valueless" bonds underpinning various international investment schemes from Bangkok to Beverley Hills. The SFO had successfully presented those allegations against others in linked criminal trials. Similar allegations were advanced in civil litigation brought by Independent Trustee Services (Independent Trustees Services Ltd v GP Noble Trustees Ltd [2010] EWHC Ch) with judgment for the claimants.


Tony Morris’ defence involved a meticulous and considered response to the charges.  This required a detailed analysis and explanation of the nature of the original pension investments, and pension trust deeds, whilst getting the jury to understand the creative proposals to repair pensions' deficits then widespread in the industry.   The defence correctly defined the nature of the bonds and underlying investments, which (together with the use of offshore trusts to mitigate taxation) successfully disposed of the allegations.  Tony Morris, when giving evidence, relied on the extensive professional advice and expertise he had received and sought throughout the whole process.  There were unusual factual aspects to the case including the fact that his then lawyer had subsequently become the Chief Minister of Gibraltar.  The Chief Minister gave evidence via video-link, in a case where he provided section 2 interviews, extensive witness statements and evidence in earlier criminal and civil proceedings.

Tony Morris was represented by Sean Larkin QC and Edward Henry instructed by Raymond Shaw of Shaw Graham Kersh.

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Notable cases:

Operation Cotton (2015)
Operation Cotton: Case Concludes - Sean Larkin QC, Paul Raudnitz and Polly Dyer act for Financial Conduct Authority

Operations Amazon (2015)
Acting for the CEO of a company accused of a direct tax fraud connected to the carbon credit industry described by HMRC as o

Inquest of Brian Dowling (2013)
Sean Larkin QC acted in the inquest of the cyclist who was killed on the Mayor of London's Cycle Super Highway.

Operation Vaulter (2013)
Large fraud and money laundering case

Operation Tabernula (Ongoing) (2013)
FCA's largest insider dealings case

R v Gul (appellant) (2013)
Supreme Court

R v Ajaib (2013)
Multi-million pound fraud

R v Aydogdu (2012)
Successful defence of a man accused of manslaughter

R v Tony Morris (2012)
Former CEO of The Money Portal has been cleared of defrauding £52m pension funds

GDC v Valilas (2012)
Dentist facing charges relating to poor performance.  


Sean Larkin QC pens Practice Note for Practical Law on Collective investment schemes
Practical Law has published a Practice Note by Sean Larkin QC on Collective investment schemes (CIS) dealing with reference i 29.9.2015

FGM, The Law the Lessons and the Unintended Consequences
In this article Sean Larkin QC and Zoe Johnson QC explore the issues surrounding the criminal prosecution, the ramifications 29.5.2015
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The Times - Lawyer Of The Week
Sean Larkin QC is The Times Lawyer Of The Week. 3.12.2013
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LIBOR fixing
Sean Larkin QC considers the forthcoming prosecutions following the action by regulators worldwide and commencement of civil 24.10.2013
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Bribery Act Update June 2013
Recent media reports suggest that the Government is set to reconsider and review the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010, to r 3.6.2013

The Bribery Act 2010 - A Short Guide
Sean Larkin QC provides a new short guide to the Bribery Act 2010 8.11.2011
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Adequate Procedures Handout - Bribery Act 2010
Sean Larkin QC and Rachna Gokani provide further guidance in relation to the Bribery Act 29.9.2010
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Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC
Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC in conjunction with Commercial Crime International. 1.4.2010
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The Bribery Bill 2010 - An Overview
This article provides an overview of the Government’s recent strategy to fight bribery and corruption, particularly ove 28.1.2010
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Regulation of Healthcare Professionals
Whistle-blowing, disclosure and patient confidentiality - the conflict between confidentiality and a duty to disclose. 29.9.2009
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