Linda Strudwick


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QEB News: Trial of alleged 'grooming gang' starts in Newcastle
23.08.2017 More >

QEB News: Linda Strudwick and Katherine Lloyd act for the Crown in £5million money laundering prosecution
11.8.2015 More >

QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Crime by Chambers UK
1.1.2015 More >

Linda Strudwick: Notable case

R -v- A (2014)

Successful defence of 50 yr old man  for offences of multiple anal and vaginal rape of woman with serious mental and physical disabilities. Cross examination via intermediary.

Notable cases:

R v Asante and Martin CCC (2016)
Prosecuting 2 defendants for the knife murder of a young man in a London park. Ongoing.

R v A. Anwar CCC (2016)
Defending a woman for perverting the course of justice. The case involves allegations that she attempted to prevent the victim of an attempted murder from giving evidence. Ongoing.

R v Mohammed, Farouk and Hlal. CCC (2016)
Prosecution. Attempted Murder. The defendants stalked and shot the complainant on a summer afternoon on a residential London street.

R v Choudhury (2016)
Defence. Murder. A dentist was mentally unwell and consulted a Muslim  healer in order that verses of the Koran could be used as prayers to be said over him. The healer told him that he was possessed by evil spirits (jinns). His mental health deteriorated until he was in a state where the Crown allege he returned to the healer and stabbed him to death.

R v S van de Velde (2016)
Defending high profile international athlete accused of raping a 12 year old girl.

Inquest 2016 March 7th
Representing the family of the lynx helicopter pilot which crashed in Afghanistan.

R v Talwar and Khan (2015)
Linda Strudwick and Katherine Lloyd act for the Crown in £5million money laundering prosecution.

Advice: Bahamas (2015)
Advising on issues for client in the Bahamas.

R v Mohammed Azram (2015)
Lead counsel for the defence in the first of a number of cases. The allegations were that the defendant was the main participant in an Asian gang. He targeted vulnerable young girls, invited them to parties and then plied them with drink and drugs intending that they would feel obliged to act as prostitutes. Case going to appeal.

Advice: (2015)
Advising international celebrity in connection with historic rape allegations.

R v B (2014)
Prosecution of Father for covert filming of his naked daughter.

R v Gale (2014)
Defence of man involved in bullion robbery.

GDC v Dentist (2014)
Defending dentist regarding allegations of sexual abuse of patients.

R v Archer (2014)
Lead counsel in successful prosecution of Chelmsford Borough Council for fraud.

R v Ghasemi (2014)
Lead prosecution counsel in successful prosecution of sophisticated fraud involving theft of high value plant shipped to Dubai.

R -v- Doyle (2014)
Lead counsel successful prosecution of complicated ID fraud. Defendant considered to be the most prolific exponent known of this type of fraud. BBC documentary.

R -v- A (2014)
Successful defence of 50 yr old man for offences of multiple anal and vaginal rape of woman with serious mental and physical disabilities. Cross examination via intermediary.

R -v- Samuels (2014)
Lead counsel in successful murder prosecution. Defendant abusive partner of deceased. Finally killed her with one punch. Issues of bad character unsuccessfully taken to the Court of Appeal by the defence.

NMC -v- Quinn (2014)
Lead counsel in successful 3 month prosecution of Mr Quinn Who set up and ran an elite unregistered Private hospital for celebrity detox.

R v Gobbato (2013)
Lead counsel in successful prosecution of bogus doctor who sexually abused his patients.

Rv Simonyan and others (2013)
Russian gang rape of young girl

Earlier cases:

R v Mohammed
Defending dentist regaring allegations of sexual assault.

R v S and others
Defence of young Russian student for rape upon a fellow student.

R v Singh
Defending young Asian man for being a party to the brutal machete murder of woman on the street.

R v S
Defence of woman for killing her 3 children.

R v KW and DM
Defence at CCC of 10 year old boy accused of abduction and rape of an 8 year old girl.

GMC v Singh
GMC 5 week hearing defending a Dr on multiple counts of rape upon patients.