Lydia Barnfather


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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK
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QEB News: 3 members nominated for Chambers Bar Awards 2013
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QEB News: Nominated for Chambers 100 - The Bar 2013
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Lydia Barnfather: Notable case

Sergeant Loughran-Dickson (2014)

Lydia represented the interests of the family of Sergeant Robert David Loughran Dickson who had been killed in a gun battle in the Helmand Province.

Notable cases:

DC v Vieru-York (2015) EWHC 1784
Prosecuted a Harley Street dentist for gross clinical errors involving implant surgery.

A regulator v TT (2015)
advised a regulator on highly confidential matters involving potential repeated breaches of the Data Protection Act.

NHS England v Dr Kamal (2014)
prosecuted a General Practitioner accused of multiple indecent assaults of vulnerable female patients over a protracted period of time.

GDC v Ashraf (2014) EWHC 2618
dentist was successfully prosecuted by Lydia for three separately orchestrated NHS frauds.

GMC v Dr Adeosun (2014)
Represented a GP accused of sexual assaults of female patients successfully prosecuted before the MPTS

NHS England -v- Dr Kamal (2013)
The first test case for NHS England under the new regulations governing Performers Lists and the follow-on appeal before the

Sergeant Loughran-Dickson (2014)
Represents interests of family

NHS England -v- Dr Kamal (2013)
The first test case for NHS England under the new regulations governing Performers Lists and the follow-on appeal before the

GDC -v- Ashraf (2013)
Dentist previously acquitted before the criminal courts of several separately orchestrated NHS frauds was successfully prosec

GMC -v- Keilloh (2012)
Military doctor accused in connection with torture and beatings by British soldiers of Iraqi detainees.

GMC -v- Abusin (2011)
Removal of kidney and destruction of remaining kidney of healthy donor resulting in near-death.

GMC v Akhtar (2010)
A & E Registrar’s sexually motivated conduct towards scalded patient.

GSCC v Angela Turner (2010)
Social worker charged with abusive language and cruel conduct towards vulnerable service user.

GDC v Horn (2010)
Dentist charged with inappropriate prescribing, including self prescribing of dihydrocodeine, and smoking of cannabis.

GSCC v Lansdell (2010)
Social worker who breached of professional boundaries with female services users and use of  fraudulent documents.

GSCC v Celia-Gail Smith (2010)
Wide scale failings of social worker responsible for care of Children in Need and children on the Child Protection Register.