Selva Ramasamy


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QEB News: Selva Ramasamy represents GP in High Court appeal
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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Financial Crime and Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK
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QEB News: R v Madden
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QEB News: Selva Ramasamy appears at inquest into death on board warship
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QEB News: GDC v Hill & PW Healthcare
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Selva Ramasamy: Notable case

GDC v Dr W (2009)

One of the largest cases of NHS fraud taken on by the GDC.

Notable cases:

FCA v Chiesa and Chiesa (2017)
Selva Ramasamy acted for the Financial Conduct Authority in 3 joined references to the Upper Tribunal.

Inquest into the death of JC (2017)
Selva Ramasamy represented a leading orthopaedic surgeon in this inquiry into a death following surgery.

GMC v Dr B (2016)
Representing an orthopaedic surgeon accused of inadequate clinical examination and fabricating a medico-legal report. All charges were dismissed.

R v X (Snaresbrook CC, 2016)
Defending a solicitor charged with blackmail arising out of text messages sent to a former partner. The allegation of blackmail was dismissed following legal submissions.

R v VS (Luton CC, 2016)
Defending a pharmacist charged with theft of large quantities of prescription only medicines. The theft was admitted but the issue in the case was valuation.

Inquest into the death of ML (South Tyneside and Gateshead Coroner's Court, May 2016)
Selva Ramasamy represented a police custody sergeant in a two week inquest into a death in custody.

Solicitors Regulation Authority v Dowd (2016)
Selva Ramasamy brought a private prosecution on behalf of the SRA against a struck off solicitor who had continued to "act as a solicitor" contrary to s.20 of the Solicitors Act 1974.

General Dental Council v OL (2016)
Dentist charged with clinical failures and practising without insurance.

R v Dr M (Isleworth CC, 2016)
Successful defence of doctor charged with sexual assault.

R v Osteopath P (Aylesbury CC, 2016)
Successful defence of osteopath charged with sexual assault on patients.

Durham Police v Police Constables P and C (2015)
Defence of firearms officers alleged to have destroyed an animal with excessive force.

Cleveland Police v Police Constables H, W and K (2015)
Defence of officers alleged to have used excessive force during arrest. Successful submission of no case to answer.

Re: a firm of solicitors (Hull CC, 2015)
Acting for a firm of solicitors in relation to a witness summons requiring them to produce documents. Summons successfully dismissed and successful application for wasted costs against the party which issued the summons.

R v B (2015)
Mitigation in a case of death by careless driving. Custodial sentence avoided.

R v Private clinic X (2015)
Representing a private health practice charged with dumping clinical waste.

Northumbria Police v DS H (2014)
Representing a police sergeant alleged to have made a series of dishonest claims for expenses. Case discontinued after serious flaws in the investigation were identified.

Northumbria Police v PS C (2014)
Representing a custody sergeant in relation to a death in custody.

Inquest into the death of BW (2014)
Inquest into a death by electrocution

SRA v Preston (2014)
Private Prosecution on behalf of the Solicitors' Regulation Authority

R v Madden (2013)
Allegation of £2.8m film tax credit fraud

Lt. Joshua Woodhouse (2012)
Selva Ramasamy appears at inquest into death on board warship

R v K (2012)
Selva Ramasamy secures acquittal of sub-postmaster accused of committing stamp fraud 

SFO v Pearson (2011)
Largest market fraud so far on the Alternative Investment Market

GDC v Hill & PW Healthcare (2011)
First prosecutions for commercial tooth whitening

R v D (2010)
Allegations of fraudulent share dealing

GMC v Dr S (2010)
Allegations of overcharging by prominent surgeon

GDC v Dr W (2009)
Allegations of financial irregularity by dentist in NHS pilot scheme


Criminal Prosecutions for Regulators
Selva Ramasamy examines how and why the issue of a criminal prosecution may arise, and the advantages and disadvantages of c 28.7.2009
Download (PDF) >

Fitness to Practise proceedings
Drafting allegations for Fitness to Practise proceedings in the General Medical Council. 1.3.2008
Download (PDF) >