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QEB News: Mark Aldred comments on the liability of 999 response drivers
30.06.2017 More >

QEB News: Police response driver acquitted in 8 minutes. Mark Aldred successfully defends PC Warren Lewin, a police response driver charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving whilst responding to an emergency.
25.11.2014 More >

QEB News: Officer cleared of 'Dangerous' pursuit
2.2.2012 More >

Mark Aldred: Notable case

Corporal C (2012)

Successfully defended a Special Forces Corporal charged with assaulting a Taliban detainee.

Notable cases:

GMP sergeant who dragged suspect with broken arm across floor cleared of gross misconduct. Sergeant Richard Miller was represented by Mark Aldred. (2015)

PC Lewin (2014)
Police response driver acquitted in 8 minutes.

R -v- Wright (2014)
Canterbury PC Brett Wright from Dover cleared of lying about CCTV of arrest of Murston shoplifter Jack Harbour at Debenhams.

Mark Aldred represented undercover police officer charged with misconduct in public office after becoming addicted to heroin (2014)

R -v- Wrathall - Mark Aldred acted on behalf of British Touring Car Champion in death by careless driving case (2014)

Appeal of DS Jan Beasant (2012)
DS Jan Beasant exonerated: Successful on appeal

Corporal C (2012)
Betrayal of a war hero

PC Holden & Houghton (2012)
Important case for the future of pursuits

Re: Moat (2011)
Advising police officers in relation to the death of Raoul Moat

Inquest into the death of Alan Long (2010)
Acted for an interested party in the inquest into the death of a motorcyclist following a 44 minute police pursuit involving


RIPA: does it apply to disciplinary investigations by public bodies?
Does RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) apply to disciplinary investigations by public bodies? Including 'co 4.6.2009
Download (PDF) >