Rebecca Harris


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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK
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Rebecca Harris: Notable case

GDC v PF (2015)

Highly complex clinical case centred on issues of advanced restorative dentistry.

Notable cases:

Kirschner v GDC (2015) EWHC 1377
Instructed on behalf of respondent (GDC) in High Court Appeal;

GDC v PF (2015)
Highly complex clinical case centred on issues of advanced restorative dentistry.

GDC v PD (2014)
Registrant charged with multiple clinical failings spanning ten-year period and involving two patients (one since deceased);

GDC v RP (2014)
Case involving allegations of wide-ranging and widespread deficiencies in all areas of dental practice, including an enquiry

GDC v HH (2014)
Registrant accused of inappropriate touching.

GDC v GG (2014)
Allegations arising from failed implant treatment; complex expert evidence.

GDC v JT (2013)
Registrant defrauded NHS of £1.4m

GDC v GJ (2013)
Registrant convicted of voyeurism.

R -v- CG and others (2013)
Multi-handed case involving allegations of fraud and POCA offences.

GMC v Dr Elvin (2011)
Doctor struck off for sexual misconduct

R v Harvey (2009)
Guidance on self-defence direction