Susannah Stevens


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QEB News: Susannah Stevens successfully defends police officer who punched and kicked mother in front of her sick child
23.1.2015 More >

QEB News: Susannah Stevens defends contractor in fatality in the workplace, Heath and Safety prosecution
3.12.2014 More >

QEB News: Susannah Stevens considers Joint Enterprise from the defence perspective.
8.7.2014 More >

Susannah Stevens: Notable case

R v Yelland (2014)

Susannah Stevens appeared on behalf of ex RAF airman Yelland, self styled ‘Dr Evil’, who admitted offences connected with the manufacture and sale of weapons on the ‘dark web’ site Black Market Reloaded.

Yelland, who had served in Afghanistan, had manufactured firearms, including sub machine guns, and sold them on the ‘dark web’ together with other illegal weapons including ‘Tasers’ and pepper sprays.

For BBC news report CLICK HERE

For Daily Telegraph news report CLICK HERE

Notable cases:

R -v- Perryman (2015)
Represents NHS executive at Norwich Crown Court.

R v Yelland (2014)
Susannah Stevens defends John Yelland,  for illegal arms sales on the ‘dark web’.

RE - PC H (2010)
Abuse of process application granted

RE - PS W (2010)
Police Discipline

R v McDonald (2009)
Company Director -  £ multi million Fraud

R v Iqbal (2009)
Multi-handed million pound fraud

R v Banaras
Conspiracy to Kidnap

R v McDonald
Company Director - Multi Million pound fraud

R v E
Rape of 7 year old

R v Rowe
Large-scale prostitution ring