Natasha Tahta


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Natasha Tahta: Notable case

Baby-Shaking Pathology Dispute Appeal (2010)

Edward Brown QC and Natasha Tatha instructed onbehalf of the prosecution.

Criminal law – Trial. The Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, gave extensive guidance as to matters of evidence and procedure which arose in cases involving 'shaken baby syndrome', including expert evidence and summing up to the jury.

R v Henderson; R v Butler; R v Oyediran - [2010] All ER (D) 125 (Jun)

Notable cases:

GMC v Dr Kanojia (2014)
Erasure of a consultant following expert evidence regarding his method of breast examinations.

GMC Investigation into Mid Staffordshire Doctors (2013)

GMC Investigation into "baby-shaking" pathologist (2012)

NMC v Craven (2011)
Complex Misconduct hearing

GSCC v Wheeler (2010)
 First Tier Tribunal appeal

GSCC v Kilduff (2010)
Social worker in possession of obscene material

GSCC v Shaw (2010)
Landmark Appeal

Baby-Shaking Pathology Dispute Appeal (2010)
Court of Appeal Guidance - Expert Evidence  

R v Butler (2009)
Baby shaking case

R v BUPA Care Homes Ltd (2006)
Care home fatality