Natasha Tahta


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Natasha Tahta: Notable case

NMC v Craven (2011)

Condcut hearing of a Nurse found guilty of plagiarism.

Notable cases:

GMC v Dr Kanojia (2014)
Erasure of a consultant following expert evidence regarding his method of breast examinations.

GMC Investigation into Mid Staffordshire Doctors (2013)

GMC Investigation into "baby-shaking" pathologist (2012)

NMC v Craven (2011)
Complex Misconduct hearing

GSCC v Wheeler (2010)
 First Tier Tribunal appeal

GSCC v Kilduff (2010)
Social worker in possession of obscene material

GSCC v Shaw (2010)
Landmark Appeal

Baby-Shaking Pathology Dispute Appeal (2010)
Court of Appeal Guidance - Expert Evidence  

R v Butler (2009)
Baby shaking case

R v BUPA Care Homes Ltd (2006)
Care home fatality