Lucy Kennedy


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QEB News: Jason Mansell and Lucy J. Kennedy boost Business Crime and Financial Regulatory Practice at QEB Hollis Whiteman
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Lucy Kennedy: Notable case

SFO Banking Investigation (2014)

SFO Banking Investigation 2013-2014: Heading an extensive dual investigation into a leading global bank.

Notable cases:

R v B (2017 & 2018)
Instructed to defend the Chief Executive Officer of an international and well-known charity, facing allegations of fraud, bribery, false accounting.

R v T et al (2016-2017)
Defending the ‘main’ defendant, accused of large-scale international corruption within The World Bank.

Bank Internal Investigation Report (2016)
Instructed by a UK-based international bank.

FCA v Bank (2015 to 2016)
International financial-regulatory remediation project across assorted countries, including secrecy jurisdictions, on behalf of a prominent international bank.

SFO Banking Investigation (2014)
Heading an extensive dual investigation into a leading global bank.

FCA v H and S (Investigation) (2013)
Heading a multi-million pound Ponzi scheme investigation.

R v Fontan et al (2013)
City commodity brokers oil-deal blackmailing case.

Re: AC (2012)
Brokering house advice on possible offences committed by its chief executive and the corporate implications.

R v Oyewor (2012)
Money transfer company agent committed multi-million, multi-currency international money laundering.

R v Ali (2012)
Company director accused of shareholder-fund embezzlement.

Operation Eaglewood (2011)
Largest ever CPS prosecution. International multi-million pound/euro money-laundering case.

R v Shoyeju (2011)
Cross-continent UK Border Agency senior officer corruption. Leading Counsel for the Crown against Queen’s Counsel.

R v Odunatan (2011)
Insider fraud within a major bank.