Lucy Kennedy


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QEB News: Jason Mansell and Lucy J. Kennedy boost Business Crime and Financial Regulatory Practice at QEB Hollis Whiteman
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Lucy Kennedy: Notable case

Operation Eaglewood (2011)

Largest ever CPS prosecution. International multi-million pound/euro money-laundering case necessitating multiple trials and Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings. Lucy was one of six barristers instructed to represent the Crown. She prosecuted successfully fourteen of the forty defendants, often alone against Queen’s Counsel.

Notable cases:

R v B (2017 & 2018)
Instructed to defend the Chief Executive Officer of an international and well-known charity, facing allegations of fraud, bribery, false accounting.

R v T et al (2016-2017)
Defending the ‘main’ defendant, accused of large-scale international corruption within The World Bank.

Bank Internal Investigation Report (2016)
Instructed by a UK-based international bank.

FCA v Bank (2015 to 2016)
International financial-regulatory remediation project across assorted countries, including secrecy jurisdictions, on behalf of a prominent international bank.

SFO Banking Investigation (2014)
Heading an extensive dual investigation into a leading global bank.

FCA v H and S (Investigation) (2013)
Heading a multi-million pound Ponzi scheme investigation.

R v Fontan et al (2013)
City commodity brokers oil-deal blackmailing case.

Re: AC (2012)
Brokering house advice on possible offences committed by its chief executive and the corporate implications.

R v Oyewor (2012)
Money transfer company agent committed multi-million, multi-currency international money laundering.

R v Ali (2012)
Company director accused of shareholder-fund embezzlement.

Operation Eaglewood (2011)
Largest ever CPS prosecution. International multi-million pound/euro money-laundering case.

R v Shoyeju (2011)
Cross-continent UK Border Agency senior officer corruption. Leading Counsel for the Crown against Queen’s Counsel.

R v Odunatan (2011)
Insider fraud within a major bank.