Philip McGhee


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QEB News: Trial of alleged 'grooming gang' starts in Newcastle
23.08.2017 More >

QEB News: Zoe Johnson QC and Philip McGhee prosecute baby shaking manslaughter
1.06.2017 More >

Philip McGhee: Notable case

R v Santiago and Others (2015)

Philip Mcghee represented the prosecution in the trial of a gang of six men who used knives and toxic gas in nine attacks on Bureau de Change money couriers.  The main received custodial sentences totalling 36 years.

See media coverage HERE.

Notable cases:

R v Blakemore (2015)
Philip successfully defended the ’spanking GP’ against charges of ABH and common assault after she was accused of

R v Santiago and Others (2015)
Philip Mcghee prosecutes violent gang

GDC v N (2015)
Philip acted for the General Dental Council in fitness to practise proceedings brought against a dentist for the dishonest f

R v CH (2015)
Philip successfully defended a young man who was accused of exposure while hiding his face behind a giant cookie.

R v Wallace and others (2015)
Philip successfully prosecuted a gang who robbed a Post Office cash-in-transit courier in St John's Wood

R v Zawadzka (2014)
Philip was led by Sarah Plaschkes QC in the successful prosecution of a female sex worker who murdered her friend by bludgeon

GMC v Dr W (2014)
Philip represented a general practitioner who faced fitness to practise proceedings following an allegation of deficient prof

R v K (2014)
Philip successfully defended the son of a former prime minister of an ex-Soviet republic who faced a charge of assaulting a G

R v DS (2013)
Philip was instructed by a local authority to prosecute a case in which proceedings were brought against a company for tradin

R v DG (2013)
Philip defended a father accused of the rape of his daughter and the sexual assault of another young girl.