Kathryn Hughes

Kathryn Hughes


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QEB News: New Tenants
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Kathryn Hughes: Notable case

R v C (2017)

Kathryn was instructed to defend an individual charged jointly with 4 other defendants in a violent disorder before Oxford Crown Court. On the first day of the trial, the prosecution were convinced to offer no evidence against the defendant due to a lack of evidence.

Notable cases:

R v C (2017)
Kathryn was instructed to defend an individual charged jointly with 4 other defendants in a violent disorder before Oxford Crown Court

R v H (2016)
Kathryn successfully defended an individual charged with having a bladed article in a public place.

CQC v Astral Care (2016)
Kathryn was instructed on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to make an emergency application to shut down a care home.


French Court authorises first-ever French deferred prosecution agreement
Corporate Crime analysis: Kathryn Hughes takes a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the first French deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) and considers how the French DPA process compares with that of the UK. 21.12.2017

Italian VAT fraud case sparks debate and divided opinion (MAS and MB (Taricco II))
Corporate Crime analysis: Discussing the Court of Justice’s judgment in MAS and MB (Taricco II), Kathryn Hughes says that by failing to address significant issues, the court has merely fuelled the ongoing debate about the primacy of EU law vis à vis fundamental rights enshrined in the national constitution. 21.12.2017