David Spens QC


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Ranked by Legal 500 in Band 1 of Leading Silks in Crime at the London Bar. 1.10.17
1.10.2017 More >

QEB News: David Spens QC represents senior partner of small commercial firm in Court of Appeal
08.07.2016 More >

David Spens QC shortlisted for Legal 500 Criminal QC of the year award
5.11.2015 More >

David Spens QC and Tom Coke-Smyth comment in the Press Gazette on the latest developments in Operation Elveden and the changes introduced by the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
9.6.2015 More >

Prosecution decide to offer no evidence in the retrial of Clive Goodman and Andy Coulson in News of the World corruption case.
18.4.2015 More >

David Spens QC secures notable acquittals for an international sales manager accused by the SFO of bribery in three African states.
23.12.2014 More >

David Spens QC: news

David Spens QC secures notable acquittals for an international sales manager accused by the SFO of bribery in three African states.

After a six week trial at Southwark Crown Court his client was unanimously acquitted by the jury on  three counts alleging corruption in Ghana, Mauritania, and Somaliland.
Two directors of the company he worked for, Smith and Ouzman Ltd.,and the company itself were convicted of two counts of corruption in Kenya.

David Spens QC was instructed by Robert Brown of Corker Binning.

Notable cases:

R v Reynolds (2017)
Representing the Sales and Tendering Manager in SFO's prosecution of Alstom for bribery in Lithuania.

R v Patrick Neale Orr (2016)
David Spens QC, in the Court of Appeal, successfully appeals the conviction for money laundering of the senior partner of a small commercial City firm.

R v Forrester (2014)
Secures notable acquittals for an international sales manager accused by SFO of bribery in three African states.

R -v- Clive Goodman, Rebekah Brooks, Andrew Coulson and others (2013)
Represented the journalist Clive Goodman in the News of the World phone hacking and corruption case.

R -v- KD (2012)
Secured the acquittal of KD accused of involvement in the first carbon credit fraud prosecuted. 

R -v- AA (2011)
Represented the first youth to attack the victim in the Victoria Station murder.

R -v- Gilmour (Charlie) (2011)
Represented the son of the Pink Floyd guitarist who was at the forefront of the London student protests.

R -v- Black (2011)
Defended a serial abductor and killer of young girls in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.