Edward Brown QC


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Edward Brown QC: news

Edward Brown QC comments on Joint Enterprise.

Former Treasury Counsel, QEB Hollis Whiteman member Edward Brown appeared in BBC 1 documentary ‘Guilty by Association’ last night (7 July) commenting upon the current debate about the use of Joint Enterprise (also known as Common Purpose) to combat violent crime and the potential for injustice. Edward’s view after many years prosecuting was that, used appropriately, Joint Enterprise can be an effective strategy for the prosecution.

For the BBC news article on Joint Enterprise please click HERE.

The Times also published an article by Edward today (10 July) entitled ‘Joint enterprise: review sentencing, not law.’

Times subscribers can view the article HERE

Notable cases:

SFO – ongoing investigation into a major City corporate - lead criminal counsel.(2014- (2015)

R v Butler and Gray (ongoing) (2015)
Allegation of murder of 6 year old child, cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

HSE v JCB (2015)
Severe injuries to employee on the production line.

R v Wesley (2015)
Revenge killing of man accused of killing his sister

Turkish gang feud murders (2013- (2015)
R v Murat, R v Sagir, Toprak, R v Gunduz, R v Karakas, R v Marsh-Smith and Zerei, R v Lunkulu and four others, R v Dwyer. Nor

R v McKoy (2014)
Edward Brown prosecutes double murderer Roland McKoy

R v Malinovskij (2014)
Edward Brown QC and Ben FitzGerald act for the prosecution in ‘brutal and premeditated’ murder conviction

R v Williams (2014)
Murder of wife by setting her on fire in front of her children.

R v Jeffs (2013)
Edward Brown QC successfully prosecuted David Jeffs who was charged with murdering Roberto Troyan.    

R v Hutchinson-Foster (2013)
The gun-man who triggered the London Riots