Lydia Barnfather


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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK
28.7.2014 More >

QEB News: 3 members nominated for Chambers Bar Awards 2013
3.9.2013 More >

QEB News: Nominated for Chambers 100 - The Bar 2013
14.2.2013 More >

Lydia Barnfather: news

Ranked as Leader in Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK

Lydia Barnfather is once again ranked as a Leader in their Field in the Practice Area of Crime Professional Disclipline (London (Bar)).  Details of the rankings and commentaries will be published in October 2014 in the Chambers UK Bar Directory 2015.

Notable cases:

Sergeant Loughran-Dickson (2014)
Represents interests of family

NHS England -v- Dr Kamal (2013)
The first test case for NHS England under the new regulations governing Performers Lists and the follow-on appeal before the

GDC -v- Ashraf (2013)
Dentist previously acquitted before the criminal courts of several separately orchestrated NHS frauds was successfully prosec

GMC -v- Keilloh (2012)
Military doctor accused in connection with torture and beatings by British soldiers of Iraqi detainees.

GMC -v- Abusin (2011)
Removal of kidney and destruction of remaining kidney of healthy donor resulting in near-death.

GMC v Akhtar (2010)
A & E Registrar’s sexually motivated conduct towards scalded patient.

GSCC v Angela Turner (2010)
Social worker charged with abusive language and cruel conduct towards vulnerable service user.

GDC v Horn (2010)
Dentist charged with inappropriate prescribing, including self prescribing of dihydrocodeine, and smoking of cannabis.

GSCC v Lansdell (2010)
Social worker who breached of professional boundaries with female services users and use of  fraudulent documents.

GSCC v Celia-Gail Smith (2010)
Wide scale failings of social worker responsible for care of Children in Need and children on the Child Protection Register.