Alexandra Felix


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QEB News: Tom Kark QC and Alexandra Felix represent GMC in Dr Waney Squier's appeal
3.11.2016 More >

QEB News: Tom Kark QC and Alex Felix open case against Dr Waney Squier
9.10.2015 More >

QEB News: Alex Felix represents DCI in Police Appeal Tribunal
12.2.2015 More >

Alexandra Felix: news

Tom Kark QC and Alex Felix open case against Dr Waney Squier

Tom Kark QC and Alex Felix represent the GMC at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing as to the fitness to practice of Dr Waney Squier the consultant neuropathologist and prominent expert in ‘shaken baby syndrome’ cases.

The allegations involve evidence given by Dr Squier in a number of high profile trials of mothers accused of killing their infant children.

See media coverage HERE.

Tom Kark QC

Notable cases:

Appeal Re: DCI S (2015)
Alex Felix represents DCI in Police Appeal Tribunal

R v CDW (2012)
Defending money launderer in high profile corruption case

R v McGuire (2012)
Prosecution re. Nurofen Plus tampering

Re: AO (2012)
Defending in the SDT

R v Haynes & Mair (2012)
Prosecuting robbery of employees of the Dubai Royal Family

Re: B (2011)
Successful appeal on sanction to the PAT and Judicial Review

Re: P, P & N (2011)
Leading defending in SDT 

R v M (2010)
 Leading junior in conspiracy to defraud the NHS

Dutton Inquiry (2010)
Dutton Inquiry - inquiry into Sport England World Class Payment Bureau

R v M (2010)
Conspiracy to DefraudConspiracy