Client Satisfaction

"They have an excellent clerking team led by Chris Emmings, who is very well supported by Faye Patis." Chambers UK (2015)

Chris Emmings receives praise for running a clerking team that is "proactive in managing client relationships." Chambers UK (2015)

QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers consider all complaints seriously. Our complaints procedure is designed to be simple and clear with the aim to ensure that any complaints received are considered as swiftly as possible and to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

  • A complaint is any material expression of dissatisfaction which is about a matter which covers negligence, incompetence or a significant shortfall in levels of service. It may be in writing, by fax, by telephone and to either the relevant barrister or any other member of Chambers or its staff.
  • Any complaint received will be referred to the Chambers Director or Senior Clerk together with copies of all significant correspondence.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt and will include details of when a full reply will be received; under normal circumstances within 28 days.
  • If a complaint involves the Senior Clerk or Chambers Director it will be handled throughout by the Head of Chambers.
  • If a complaint relates to the Head of Chambers, it will be dealt with by a complaints panel of three appointed by the Chambers Management Committee and will include at least one QC.
  • If a complaint received involves a specific barrister, enquiries will be made of the barrister concerned after which we will respond to the complainant and endeavour to resolve matters.
  • If the complainant considers the issue not to have been resolved to their satisfaction, the matter will be referred to the Head of Chambers, who will then investigate and liaise with complainant as appropriate.
  • In resolving each complaint, the matter is reviewed to assess the need for :- 
  • Appropriate redress : as a compensatory/goodwill measure for the client

  • Remedial Action : where the problem is not beyond correcting

  • Improvement Action : to look at the root cause of the problem and implement changes to prevent the problem from recurring.

  • The existence of this procedure does not prohibit Chambers from dismissing without investigation complaints that are manifestly without merit.
  • If a complainant, having had the matter reviewed by the Head of Chambers, is still unsatisfied, they will be advised of their right to approach the Legal Ombudsman. Further information with regards to a non-judicial dispute resolution service and how to complain about a barrister is available from the Ombudsman's website at
  • The complaints file is reviewed annually by the Chambers Director, who will report the number and type of complaints to the Management Committee, together with confirmation that any changes of procedures identified as being necessary have been introduced, or suggesting any changes to be introduced.

QEB Hollis Whiteman Contractual Terms

The Bar Council has abolished the default Terms of Work and Withdrawal of Credit Scheme on which barristers offered their services to solicitors, and replaced them with new contractual terms of work.  From 31 January 2013, in relation to any new instructions members of QEB Hollis Whiteman will be offering their services to clients on the new Standard Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012.  A letter detailing our terms will be sent out from this date on receipt of any new instructions.  We have attached a copy of our New Contractual Terms below in a pdf document.  Alternatively please see the link to the Bar Council website


We do not foresee this changing our relationship with our clients, but if there is anything you wish to discuss regarding these Contractual Terms please contact our Senior Clerk, Chris Emmings;

For the Contractual terms please click HERE