Direct Access

All of the barristers at QEB Hollis Whiteman who accept direct public access are members of the Public Access Bar Association and are registered with the Bar Council to conduct Direct Public Access work.

We will be happy to provide initial guidance without a fee being incurred in the first instance as to whether the Direct Public Access scheme is suitable for your legal requirements.

Please contact us for further details.

If you require any further or additional information at any stage then please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Clerk

Chris Emmings

+44 (0)20 7933 8870


Following the recent changes to the Bar Council’s Rules, QEB Hollis Whiteman - one of the leading Criminal Barristers’ Chambers - have ensured they are well placed  to accept work on a Direct Public Access basis,  with individual members of the public and companies instructing barristers directly, enabling clients to obtain specialist legal advice and assistance directly in the first instance without the need or involvement of a solicitor.

QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers Specialise in Fraud, Regulatory and Discipline and Crime, and accept instructions on a privately funded basis.

We can assist, for example, with the following:

  • Providing advice, at any stage, on, matters such as:

    • Interpretation of legislation;

    • How to comply with the legislation;

    • Whether or not a breach of the law has been committed;

    • Whether or not to fight a case;

    • Evidence to be collated in fighting a case.

  • Negotiating with an ‘opposing party’.

  • Conducting correspondence.

  • Drafting documentation.

In other words, much work can be completed without the need to have both a solicitor and a barrister, which will, of course, reduce the legal fees.

A report commissioned by the Bar Council;  Straight There No Detours: Direct Access to Barristers, Professor John Flood, promotes the positive and effective potential of the scheme. The  following  are extracts from the feedback and comments from those who had used the scheme:

“great value for money”  ..... “fast” .....“good communication” 

“good to deal with the main person on the case”

“respect for budgets” .....  “thoroughness and attention to detail”

Your barrister has an ongoing professional duty to consider the needs of a client and should it become necessary to instruct a solicitor, will say so. Where appropriate they will provide recommendations as to the many high quality solicitors they continue to work closely with.