Mini-Pupillage applications are currently being accepted.


QEB Hollis Whiteman offers a number of mini-pupillages throughout the year. Each lasts for one week.

A mini-pupil supervisor is allocated to each mini-pupil. The mini-pupil supervisor takes responsibility for ensuring that their mini-pupil sees an appropriate range of work during the week, whether with the mini-pupil supervisor or with another member of chambers.

A barrister's life is varied and changes from one day to the next. It is not possible, therefore, to guarantee a fixed timetable for a mini-pupillage, nor can it be predicted with any certainty what might be covered in any one week.

A mini-pupillage may involve spending time in chambers gaining an insight into a barrister’s life out of court, researching and preparing for cases, and conferring with clients. There may be opportunities to watch and listen to members of chambers in a variety of tribunals ranging from Magistrates’ Courts to the Court of Appeal.

Mini-pupils should always be prepared to assist barristers when asked or to discuss relevant legal matters.

Towards the end of their week, mini-pupils are asked to complete a short piece of work. This will either be oral or written advocacy. This work is not formally assessed but is delivered to the mini-pupil supervisor who will provide feedback. The exercise does not require prior knowledge of substantive law or procedure. It is designed as an opportunity to research and deliver the sort of advocacy that our pupils and barristers are asked to do on a daily basis.

We hope that those who undertake mini-pupillages at QEB Hollis Whiteman find them to be a valuable experience in terms of education and career development. 

Rules for mini-pupillage

The day will usually last from 9am to 5.30pm, but you may be invited to stay later to observe suitable in-house seminars / training sessions.

Dress should be a suit or smart dark clothing.

Strict confidentiality must be maintained at all times; as a mini-pupil you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate the potential to excel in their academic and extra-curricular life and to have a real interest in the work of a criminal barristers’ chambers.

Both undergraduates and graduates are eligible to apply, but the minimum age for consideration is 18 at the time of the application.

Mini-pupillage award

QEB Hollis Whiteman also offers a mini-pupillage award, which is open only to law undergraduates at UCL.

The award is for a week long mini-pupillage and a week long judicial pupillage to the candidate who demonstrates:

  • all-round excellent performance in the general law exams;
  • particular excellence in demonstrating a knowledge of and practical application of the criminal law;
  • a particular interest in pursuing his or her profession at the Bar.

Further information is available at UCL, and applications should be made direct to UCL.