Recruitment of Members


QEB Hollis Whiteman welcomes applications for tenancy at all levels of call. External recruits make up about a quarter of the current membership of chambers and are quickly and easily integrated.  Our aim is to have a happy, collegiate set of chambers, where barristers can flourish professionally and extend the scope of their current practice. We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent advice and advocacy services and wish to maintain that reputation, both by the training we provide within chambers and through external recruitment. We believe that we can combine the best of the traditional elements of the Bar with a forward-thinking vision for the future.  We are supported by a first rate clerking team led by Chris Emmings and Faye Patis.

We know that it is never an easy step to leave a set of chambers, but we are confident that new members do not regret their decision to join. Below, two current members of chambers, who joined us from other chambers, detail their experiences.  Both are happy to be contacted informally by any barrister who is considering applying to QEB. If you are interested in discussing an opportunity please feel free to contact either Head of Chambers, Mark Ellison QC, or Senior Clerk, Chris Emmings, on 020 7933 8870, for an initial discussion.


I joined QEBHW in November 2013, after many happy and rewarding years in my previous chambers.  We all appreciate that life at the Bar has changed massively and particularly so in the publicly funded sector.  Moreover, that situation is set to continue to an even greater degree under the next government.  

I moved to QEBHW because it is a forward-thinking set of chambers, assertive in the market and ideally placed to take advantage of opportunities that come at a time of great change.  That has become even more apparent to me since I joined.  

The opportunities that QEBHW offers include expanding a practice into the new areas that may be open as one looks away from publicly-funded work, taking advantage of the support of a team of clerks and practitioners who are so well regarded and an introduction to new professional clients.  It is also allows for your existing professional clients to meet new ones, allowing them to share the avenues of opportunities we have open to us if we act together.  

The infrastructure of this chambers allows for such opportunities to be seized.  It is a set with state of the art presentation and communication tools, and commands leading presence in the fields in which it operates.

On a personal note, moving and seeking new avenues of instruction came with a degree of natural anxiety.  This has been quickly extinguished by the warmth of QEBHW's reception and being welcomed into the team spirit that genuinely exists on the basis of members' shared appreciation of excellence and commitment.  

QEBHW is not a set that takes its position or reputation for granted.  It seeks to excel in a professional and courteous manner, with the highest standards expected.  Professionally, the move has been all that I could have hoped for and more.  But it has been the welcome and encouragement that has been most impressive to me over the last year and stands out as reassurance. 


Back in 2008 I was approached by a member of QEBHW and encouraged to ‘make contact’. I met discretely with the senior clerk and later had a breakfast meeting with one of the silks, and then coffee with both the then and the current head of chambers. QEBHW was specifically keen to speak with a Judge, known to them, who was able to speak, informally, to my ability.

The whole procedure was efficient and kept entirely confidential. The actual move was seamless; the QEBHW clerking and admin team took care of everything. I was offered the option and was delighted to be able to purchase shares in the ownership of chambers’ building.

I know that I was a reluctant mover. I had a good practice at my old set and huge ties to my colleagues there. However, I can honestly say that since my arrival I have never looked back. I am more than happy to act as a confidential sounding board for any experienced practitioner who may be thinking of making contact with QEBHW.