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QEB News: Adam King considers the Legal Professional Privilege issues arising from the Mossack Fonseca data leak
13.04.2016 More >

QEB News: Sean Larkin QC and Adam King talk to the YFLA on Bitcoin
23.2.2015 More >

QEB News: Adam King prosecutes head of counter-fraud for defrauding Oxfam.
3.6.2014 More >

QEB News: Review of OFT Consultation - Proposed Changes to Guidance Note on Applications for Leniency and No-action in Cartel Cases
5.12.2012 More >

Adam King

Call 2005
BA (Hons) Philosophy

Crime, Business Crime, Professional Discipline

Adam defends and prosecutes in the criminal courts and various regulatory tribunals - as sole junior, led junior, and leading junior.

He is committed to the highest standards of advocacy, client care and written work. He has a keen eye for advantageous legal argument, prides himself on offering clients clear and well-considered tactical and strategic advice, and above all enjoys fighting cases with well-planned cross-examination and carefully considered speeches.

He also offers serious expertise and experience in the area of Legal Professional Privilege, having performed a number of substantial Privilege reviews as Independent Counsel. He has been instructed by, among others, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Police and a US firm representing a Global 100 company under investigation by the SFO. He has worked both on his own and as the leader of a team of other barristers.

He has lectured widely – to institutions such as the Police, Trading Standards Officers and the Young Fraud Lawyers Association – on a variety of subjects including RIPA surveillance and the technical and legal aspects of cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin.

Criminal trials

The majority of Adam’s experience over the last ten years has been in Criminal trial work, having defended and prosecuted across the full range of offences, including murder, rape, supply of firearms, kidnap, arson, drugs, bomb-hoaxing, money-laundering, blackmail, assault, Public Order, misconduct in public office, Data Protection, dangerous driving, trading standards, and Housing Act offences.

In 2009-2010 Adam practised as a defence attorney in the Cayman Islands, where his trials included fraud, murder and rape.


Fraud / Business Crime

Adam is a member of the Serious Fraud Office “B” Panel and has wide experience in this area. Recent trials have included insurance fraud, banking fraud, and fraud against charities.

He has a detailed knowledge of Confiscation and Asset Forfeiture under POCA, and has advised companies and public bodies on their liabilities under Acts such as the Data Protection Act and RIPA.


Court of Appeal

Reported cases:

R v Abbas Uddin [2011] EWCA Crim 2695

Appeal against conviction: Counsel complimented for “coherent and conscientious written argument [and] attractive oral argument”

R v Aron Pask [2011] EWCA Crim 2010

Reduction in sentence for conspiracy to rob.


Police Discipline

Adam has wide experience acting for police officers in the Police Disciplinary Tribunal, the Police Appeal Tribunal, and the criminal courts. Most recently he represented a Police Sergeant accused of sending racist and sexist messages to other officers in a three-week hearing. The Sergeant kept his job, against expectations.

Adam has lectured on the IPCC report into Deaths in Custody at the National Custody Conference.


Housing Act Offences / Trading Standards etc.

Adam is experienced in both defending and prosecuting offences under the Housing Acts, including Managing an Unlicenced HMO and Failing to Comply with Prohibition Orders and Improvement Notices, and has recently represented a company charged with offences under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006.

He has also prosecuted and defended a large number of both individuals and companies charged with Trade Marks offences, Engaging in an Unfair Commercial Practice, and similar offences. He advises Local Authorities and private clients and has given lectures at various Trading Standards conferences around the country.


Other Regulatory work

Adam began by prosecuting a large number of cases before the NMC, before moving on to defence work. He has advised Doctors facing proceedings before the GMC, and is currently representing an Occupational Therapist in the HCPC. He has extensive experience of Security Industry Authority appeals, and has also successfully defended clients in the OFT tribunal.


Additional Information

Serious Fraud Office “B” Panel
Young Fraud Lawyers Association
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
British Association for Sport and Law
Inner Temple Exhibitioner
Inner Temple Advocacy Trainer

Notable cases:

R v Fairweather (2016)
Fifteen year-old boy convicted of two serial-killer type murders. Junior Counsel for the Crown.

R v SGV Ltd. (2016)
Defence of a company accused of fraud

R v Murphy (2016)
Murder. Junior counsel for the Crown.

R v D (2016)
Drink-driving acquittal: “hip-flask” defence

R v Bonsu & others (2015)
Five-week affray trial against eight defendants, sole prosecution counsel

R v Rahman and Zaman (2015)
Prosecution of Housing Act offences following a fatal fire in a slum

R v M (2015)
Successful defence of domestic violence allegation

R v Marshall et al (2014)
Three-week drugs conspiracy trial

R v McKenzie-Green (2014)
Prosecution of Oxfam's Head of Counter-Fraud.

R v Griffiths & others (2013)
Leading counsel, cash-in-transit robberies

R v Sergeant X (2013)
Police Discipline: successful defence

R v Mensah & others (2013)
Special Casework drugs trial

R v Salih & Zangana (2012)
Identity and insurance fraud

R v Atila & Coskun (2012)

R v Arbid (2012)
Bomb Hoax

R v McDonnell (2011)
Serious Arson

R v Martin (2009)
Cayman Islands Murder


R v X (2016)
Murder. Junior counsel for the Crown

R v Heath & others (2016)
Eight-week cannabis production trial, sole counsel for the first defendant


Mossack Fonesca data leak
Adam King considers the Legal Professional Privilege issues arising from the Mossack Fonesca data leak 13.4.2016
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"Closing the 'trade gap'"
Adam King article for Trading Standards Today 3.7.2014
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“Jurors: How much should we know?”
Counsel Magazine 20.3.2013
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“Confiscation against defendants convicted in absence”
Archbold Review 18.2.2013
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OFT Consultation Analysis
OFT's supplementary consultation on proposed changes to its existing guidance note on the handling of applications for lenien 5.11.2012
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"Making more than friends from facebook"
Trading Standards Today 20.9.2012
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