Ari Alibhai


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QEB News: Two imprisoned for illegal harvesting and distribution of international premium sports broadcasts.
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QEB News: David Groome and Ari Alibhai secure confiscation order for nearly £1m against directors of Digicam on behalf of FA Premier League and Sky.
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QEB News: QEB Hollis Whiteman member Ari Alibhai speaks to law enforcers on internet protocol TV services
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QEB News: Five receive prison sentences in private prosecution for illegal film distribution
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QEB News: David Groome and Ari Alibhai act for FACT in private prosecution of film piracy scammer
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QEB News: Digicam Directors jailed for fraudulent sales of Premier League TV coverage
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QEB News: Ari Alibhai co-authors Private Prosecution Practice Note for Lexis Nexis
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QEB News: Ari Alibhai and David Groome act in prosecution of Northern Ireland film copyright infringer
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QEB News: Groome and Alibhai secure conviction in landmark prosecution on behalf of the Premier League
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QEB News: Ari Alibhai appears on a Panel of experts at the European Content Protection Summit – Wednesday 29th October
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QEB News: Private Prosecution success against Dancing Jesus website
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QEB News: Groome & Alibhai - modern day Holmes & Watson?
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QEB News: David Groome and Ari Alibhai of QEB Hollis Whiteman act for Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) in successful private prosecution of online film piracy case
21.8.2014 More >


Ari Alibhai

Call 2003
MA (Hons) Dip Law

Practice: Business Crime (intellectual property infringement) 

Recommended by Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 as a Leading Junior in Media and Entertainment.

"An absolute expert in the field of intellectual property fraud." Legal 500 (2016)

Ari specialises in private prosecution in criminal intellectual property infringement.

Ari is instructed in the first UK prosecution of an IPTV (lnternet protocol television) provider, whose operators allegedly defrauded UK and international broadcasters. He acts for corporate clients in music, film, sport and broadcast media, including the Football Association Premier League, Sky and Satellite Information Services.

He advises on designing and implementing private prosecution systems to reduce exposure to intellectual property theft. Ari chairs chambers' private prosecution working group, having conducted more than 50 such cases and trained investigators at the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), British Recorded Music Industry and numerous trading standards services. He prosecuted successfully for FACT in R v Sohail Rafiq, Reece Baker, Graham Reid and Ben Cooper, a multi-million-pound fraud conspiracy using film 'release groups', the first such prosecution outside the US.

In Northern lreland, Ari was called to the Bar following his instruction by the DPP for Northern lreland to prosecute the film copyright case R v Hugh Reid and Marcus Lewis. He prosecuted Paul Mahoney who was convicted of operating a major film piracy website and also appeared for the prosecution in the Court of Appeal of Northern lreland in Mahoney's unsuccessful appeal.

Examples include:

R -v- Hugh Reid and Marcus Lewis (2013-2014)

Ari was called to the Bar of Northern Ireland following his instruction by the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland to prosecute this film copyright case on the basis that specific copyright expertise could not be found within the jurisdiction. The Director has instructed Ari in another matter which is due to commence in 2014.

R -v- Anton Vickerman (2008-2012)

On behald of FACT, Ari was led junior in the successful private prosection of the operator of , one of the worlds most popular film piracy sites, at Newcastle Crown Court. Ari was further instructed to represent FACT during civil proceedings broughtancillary to the criminal trial, Scopelight Ltd -v- Cheif Constable of Northunbria (2010).

Ari is currently undertaking private prosecutions on behalf of BPI, FACT, FAPL and Virgin Media and advising clients on how to design and implement issue-specific private prosecution systems to reduce exposure to intellectual property theft.

On 26th September 2013 the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee published a report, Supporting the creative economy , highlighting the need to strengthen the law and increase sanctions against online piracy. The report cited that R -v- Anton Vickerman as its only example of online piracy which had been effectively prosecuted.


In 2016 Ari was invited to provide training in the prosecution of intellectual property crime to both the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS and a number of regional CPS branches.

The global effects of the prosecution of, Motion Pictures Association Annual General Meeting, Rome

Copyright/trade mark: an overview , Intellectual Property Office, Newport, South Wales

The advantages of private prosecutions in IP protection, Herbert Smith Freehills, London

Private Prosecutions, an outline of law and procedure , CMS Cameron McKenna

Disclosure and case management , British Recorded Music Industry, London


2003-04 Senior Award Gray’s Inn
2002-03 Bedingfield Scholar, Gray’s Inn
2001-02 David Karmel award, Gray’s Inn

Notable cases:

R v William O'Leary & Terence O'Reilly (2016)
David Groome and Ari Alibhai are currently privately prosecuting this matter on behalf of Football Association, Premier League and Federation Against Copyright Theft as led Junior at Nottingham Crown Court.

R v William Marston (2016)
Ari Alibhai is currently instructed privately to prosecute this matter on behalf of Satellite Information Services Ltd [SIS].

R -v- Sohail Rafiq, Reece Baker, Graham Reid and Ben Cooper (2015)
Five receive prison sentences in private prosecution for illegal film distribution

R -v- Mahoney (2015)
A Northern Ireland man was sentenced to 4 years in prison at Londonderry Crown Court last week for running an internet pirac

Helidon Vuciterni (2014)
David Groome and Ari Alibhai acted for the Premier League in the successful prosecution today of Helidon Vuciterni and his c

Dancing Jesus (aka: Kane Robinson -&- Richard Graham) (2014)
Private Prosecution success against Dancing Jesus website

R -v- Danks (Philip) (2014)
Philip Danks, ringleader of a sophisticated online and filming piracy network, was sentenced to 33 months in prison at Wol

R -v- Reid & Lewis - Araditracker (2013)
Instructed by Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland to prosecute in the alleged operation of the film torrent

R -v- Zinga (Munaf) (2013)
Private Prosecution (on behalf of Virgin Media Ltd) of importer and wholesaler of devices designed to defraud Virgin Media.

R -v- Helidon Vuciterni (2013)
Private Prosecution (on behalf of FAPL) of defendant for alleged operation of a card-sharing network.

R v Rayyonics Ltd (2012)
Illicit set-top box supplier

R v Vickerman (Anton) (2012)
Private Prosecution (on behalf of Federation Against Copyright Theft) of the most popular pirate film indexing site in the wo


New route to conviction against sellers of pre-loaded equipment (Stichting Brein v Jack Frederik Wullems)
IP & IT analysis: Ari Alibhai discusses the Court of Justice's judgment in Stichting Brein. 19.5.2017

Ari Alibhai co-authors Private Prosecution Practice Note for Lexis Nexis
QEB Hollis Whiteman member Ari Alibhai, private prosecution specialist, collaborated with solicitor David Northfield of Field 20.7.2015

Prosecuting offences involving counterfeit goods
Incorporating trademark offences, the Trademarks Act 1994, classification of trademarks, prosecuting copyright offences, the 13.3.2009