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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Crime by Chambers UK
28.7.2014 More >

QEB News: 3 members nominated for Chambers Bar Awards 2013
3.9.2013 More >

QEB News: Victoria Station Murder
16.5.2011 More >

QEB News: Victoria Station Murder
28.1.2011 More >

Benn Maguire

Call 1994
BA (Hons) (Edinburgh)
MA (Bristol)

Practice: Crime

Recommended as a Leading Junior in Crime.

"Statesman-like on his feet." Legal 500 (2013) Crime.

"He is an impressive advocate and comes up with ingenious arguments that work." Chambers UK (2014) Crime

"The 'fearless and charismatic' Benn Maguire 'always gives 100% of himself to ensure the best result for a client.'  His 'burgeoning practice' covers defence and prosecution work and he boasts an impressive appellate practice to boot.  In R v Roy Taylor he successfully defended the chief executive of a telecommunications company accused of a series of serious sexual assaults on several female employees."  Chambers UK (2013) Crime

‘approaches all his cases very seriously and prepares very thoroughly’ – The Legal 500 (2010)


Benn Maguire has developed an impressive practice encompassing both prosecution but more significantly criminal defence matters where his expertise is demanded in the crown and appellate courts. 

 His practice is such that he has been acknowledged in the national press as having a “heavy-weight reputation in fraud and sexual offences”.

 His involvement in the cases of the Victoria Station Murder, the murder of Sally-Anne Bowman and R v Uzoma-Ubani & others (multi-million pound fraud) have served to establish his robust reputation as an impressive criminal advocate.

 Today his advice and representation is consistently sought by top tier law firms with an international presence, by national newspapers, terrestrial TV channels and increasingly High Net Worth individuals from Collective Investment Schemes. 

His “never give up” attitude and “straight talking” approach have afforded him consistent exposure to the UK’s most high profile and criminally demanding cases where he often secures unexpected, positive decisions for his clients. 

 Benn adopts a “cradle to the grave” approach to his work.  He advises from the earliest stages, ensuring that individuals are not charged with allegations following police investigation.  He continues representation through to the final stages of proceedings, applying his tenacious and tactical approach to his appellate work, securing a number of unexpected reversals of fortune. He has an "established and impressive criminal practise encompassing advocacy in both the Crown & Appellate Courts" Chambers UK (2011).

In recent years Benn Maguire's practice has seen a proliferation of media-sensitive cases. He has been called on to represent Donna Air to secure her acquittal of fraud charges and Linford Christie in his successful defence against an allegation of dangerous driving.  Most recently he secured via the "abuse of process" argument, the successful acquittal of a headmaster at a prestigious private school in England, accused of sexual assault.  His experience extends to advice relating to confiscation matters, private prosecutions and to matters in the family courts. 

He has “an excellent practice”, approaching “all his cases very seriously” and prepares “very thoroughly” Legal 500 (2010).

Further Information

Bribery and Corruption

'Following the introduction of the Bribery Act Benn lectured a number of Corporate/Commercial firms (and their clients) re the potential consequences of the legislation.

In 2013 Benn is currently providing advice re allegations of bribery re contracts worth more than US$100,000,000 to the Iraqi government. In addition, Benn is providing advise to UK pension funds re allegations of corruption.

Confiscation Applications

Benn Maguire has represented individuals in confiscation applications under Proceeds of Crime Act, Drug Trafficking Act and the Criminal Justice Act.

He has recently defended ‘HNW’ individuals facing complex multi million pound applications relating to assets directly/legally owned and assets where an individual has an alleged beneficial interest. Further, in light of the broad scope of the legislation, Benn Maguire represents the interests of third parties affected by potential and/or actual confiscation orders.

Media Matters

Benn Maguire continues to provide advice to the largest selling national newspapers in relation to the potential criminal implications of the activities of journalists and their articles. Benn Maguire provided advice in relation to the reporting of Madeline McCann and Mark Saunders (barrister shooting).

Benn Maguire also continues to provide advice to terrestrial television channels and production companies.

Private Prosecutions

Benn Maguire has advised individuals regarding the merits of pursuing a private prosecution against a wide variety of individuals including politicians and celebrities.

Appellate Practice

Benn Maguire has developed a successful practice in providing advice and representation to individual’s intent on pursuing an appeal against a wrongful conviction, having been represented by alternative advocates at the original trial.

Family Court Applications

There is an embargo on the use of documents used in Family proceedings (such as affidavits and transcripts) in Criminal courts without leave of the Family Court. Benn Maguire has successfully applied for permission to use relevant documents in the Criminal Courts on numerous occasions.


Benn Maguire has an "established and impressive criminal practise encompassing advocacy in both the Crown & Appellate Courts" Chambers UK (2011)

‘Recommended in Crime ’ – Chambers UK (2010)

‘Recommended in Crime ’ – Legal 500 (2010)

Additional Information

Member of the British Association of Sports Law
Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Registered with the Bar Council – Public Access Directory
Member of the Public Access Bar Association - PABA

Languages - French

Notable cases:

R -v- Clive Goodman, Rebekah Brooks, Andrew Coulson and others (2013)
Represented the journalist Clive Goodman in the News of the World phone hacking and corruption case.

R -v- McCormick (2013)
Director of a company accused of fraud

R v BP (2012)
Successful Acquittal

R v Uzoma-Ubani & Others (2012)
Successful prosecution of a multi-million pound fraud

R v Donna Air (2012)
Successful acquittal of fraud charges

R v Linford Christie (2011)
Acquittal of dangerous driving

R v Akra & Others (Victoria Station Murder Trial 1) (2011)
The Victoria Station murder

R v Taylor (2011)
Acquittal of Telecom Chief Operating Officer on sexual assault charges

R v Gooda (2009)
Trooper with the 'Blues & Royals' acquitted of unlawfully killing a male at a bar

R v Dixie (2008)
High profile murder of model Sally-Anne Bowman