Eloise Emanuel


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Eloise Emanuel

Call 2012
BA (Hons) English Literature
LLB (Hons) Law


Jules Thorn Major Scholarship, Middle Temple
Blackstone Entrance Exhibition Scholarship, Middle Temple


Eloise joined QEB Hollis Whiteman in February 2015 following the successful completion of pupillage in Chambers. In her First Six, Eloise assisted her pupil supervisor, Julian Evans, Junior Treasury Counsel to the Crown at the Central Criminal Court, in relation to a series of trials, including: an attempted murder trial involving a large haul of firearms; a multi-handed murder trial involving complex cell cite and CCTV evidence (with Crispin Aylett QC), and a gang related murder in central London (with Mark Heywood QC).

In her Second Six, Eloise was under the guidance of Paul Wakerley. Paul has a strong reputation for serious and complex crime. Most recently, Paul has been defending the first defendant in a multi-handed drugs importation case which has difficult and sensitive issues regarding public interest immunity; three juries have been discharged and the fourth trial starts this year. During 2014 Eloise assisted Paul with a number of cases including: CPS v R (2014) successfully representing an undercover police officer in relation to a road traffic matter; a General Medical Council disciplinary matter and a multi-handed cuckoo smurfing fraud, involving cash sums in excess of £10,000,000.

This year Eloise has also assisted a number of members of Chambers including: Peter Finnigan QC in a high profile murder at the Old Bailey; Jocelyn Ledward, Junior Treasury Counsel to the Crown, in the prosecution of two children in a complex manslaughter trial raising novel points of law at Croydon Crown Court; Philip Stott in a regulatory case for the HCPC and Rhys Meggy in the defence of the rapper Mike GLC Coombs, whose prosecution for supplying cocaine to Mazher Mahmood (also known as the ‘Fake Sheikh’) alongside the X Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavlos, was stayed as an abuse of process.

Since March 2014, Eloise’s own practice, both public and privately instructed, has continued to grow steadily; she has successfully defended clients in Magistrates and Crown Courts across London, and further afield, in matters ranging from Drug Possession with Intent to Supply and Dangerous Driving to Racially Aggravated Public Order offences and Benefit Fraud involving tens of thousands of pounds. She is also regularly instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service as a Grade 1 Prosecutor.

Recent publications

Eloise co-authored an article on the Consumer Rights Bill for TS Today, the Trading Standards Institute's prestigious monthly journal. To view the article please click HERE.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Chambers Eloise was Clerk to His Honour Judge Altman, the Designated Family Judge for London at the Principal Registry of the Family Division and also Secretary of the London Family Justice Council. While there, Eloise drafted the London Family Judiciary’s response to the Family Justice Review Panel’s (appointed by the Ministry of Justice, the Department for Education and the Welsh Assembly) ‘Call for Evidence’ in November 2010 and the Designated Family Judge’s response to the Legal Services Commission’s ‘Family Legal Aid Funding From 2010: A Consultation.’ As a result of her work, Eloise has a particular interest in Related Family and Criminal proceedings.

In early 2013 Eloise travelled to Houston, Texas on behalf of the charity Amicus ALJ to provide assistance to those facing the death penalty in the United States. Eloise worked alongside defence lawyers on a number of cases both pre-trial and at the appeal stage, visiting clients in jail, drafting advice and liaising with the District Attorney and Prosecutors negotiating the complicated and sensitive issue of plea bargaining. While in Texas, Eloise was ‘third chair’ to the preeminent criminal trial attorneys Katherine Scardino and James Rivera in the three week capital murder trial of Maron Thomas, before District 155 Judge Jeff Steinhauser. Thomas was accused of killing his mother, stepfather, brother, sister and the decapitation of his two-year-old niece on 17th January 2010 in Buckhorn. Mr Thomas received a life sentence.


Eloise is currently instructed as Disclosure Counsel by the Bribery & Corruption Division of the Serious Fraud Office ('SFO'), in a high profile, multi-jurisdictional investigation.

Public Inquiries and Inquests

Throughout 2014, Eloise was instructed as Disclosure Counsel by the Public and Regulatory Law team at Field Fisher LLP, who acted for the Coroner in the recent Hillsborough Inquests.

Direct Access

Eloise is a Direct (Public) Access Barrister, is registered with the Bar Council to conduct Direct Public Access work, and appears on The Bar Council Direct Access Portal.


Eloise is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, the Young Fraud Lawyer’s Association, the Free Representation Unit and Amicus.

Notable cases:

R v NS (2017)
Eloise Emanuel successfully represents man facing a number of serious offences, including Human Trafficking, in Modern Slavery case.

R v PW (2017)
Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for Mr PW, who faced trial for 2 assaults, theft and, latterly, affray. Ms Emanuel successfully argued a novel point of law and the case was dismissed.

R v MS (2017)
Eloise Emanuel successfully represents a man charged with Possession with Intent to Supply Class B Drugs.

Eloise Emanuel prosecutes a recidivist paedophile considered a ‘menace to young girls’, at the Central Criminal Court.

R v NS (2017)
Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for Mr NS, who faced trial for a large scale ‘Forgery Factory’ Fraud Conspiracy. Ms Emanuel successfully applied to dismiss the case.

R v KR (2016)
Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for Mr R, a young man who faced an allegation of gang related, Joint Enterprise Armed Robbery.

R v Wilcox (2016)
Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for Mr Wilcox, who faced an allegation of inflicting grievous bodily harm, in which it was alleged the Defendant had launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on a man in a street in the early hours of the morning.

R v H (2016)
Eloise Emanuel represented a young woman charged with Robbery, Common Assault and Criminal Damage.

R v B (2016)
Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for the Defendant, who faced an allegation of Wounding with Intent, contrary to s.18 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, and Perverting the Course of Justice, in which it was alleged the Defendant had sought to stop the primary witness to the GBH offence from attending trial to give evidence.

R v Hajila and Others (2016)
Ian Paton and Eloise Emanuel act for the prosecution in Double Attempted Murder Trial

R v McLaughlin (2015)
Eloise Emanuel successfully represents a man charged with Public Order Offences and Racially Aggravated Assault

R v Zambon (2015)
Eloise Emanuel represents 17 year old Norwich Jewellery Raider

R v De La Roche (2014)
Eloise Emanuel represents a film and television personality facing allegations of Pension Fraud

R v Gikawa (2014)
Peter Finnigan QC and Eloise Emanuel act for the prosecution in Murder Trial at Central Criminal Court.