Isobel Coates


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QEB News: Bella Coates analyses the government’s Action Plan for tackling money laundering and terrorist funding
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QEB News: Isobel Coates represents man accused of planning the honour killing of his wife.
13.7.2015 More >

Isobel Coates

Call to the Bar:

July 2011, Gray’s Inn


BA (Oxon): English (2005)
GDL, BPP London (2010)
BPTC, Kaplan Law School London (2011)


Isobel joined chambers in 2012 and is currently instructed in all areas of chambers' practice.

General Crime:

Isobel has both prosecuted and defended a wide range of offences, including violent offences, dishonesty offences and those of a sexual nature.  Isobel has extensive experience and expertise in advising a client from the first appearance until the conclusion of their case.  She is a skilled and confident advocate who is committed to securing the best possible outcome for her client.  

Recent cases include the defence of an Afghan client, accused of planning his wife’s honour killing and a £100,000 housing benefit fraud at Southwark Crown Court.  The fraud is charged as a conspiracy, said to have taken place over a number of years and involving numerous properties.  

Isobel has experience of bringing appeals from the Magistrate Court to the Crown Court as well as responding to them on behalf of the Crown.  

Isobel has prosecuted complex, multi-handed confiscation proceedings.  As the pupil of Julian Evans (Treasury Counsel), she spent six months assisting in the preparation of several multi-handed murder trials involving complex issues of law and procedure.   These cases included the final Victoria Station murder trial following the joint enterprise killing of school boy,  Sofyen Belamouadden and the high profile gang-related murder which took place in Footlocker on Oxford Street on Boxing Day.

Isobel has particular experience both prosecuting and defending domestic violence cases.  She is sensitive to the challenges posed to the advocate in cases of a domestic nature, particularly where the complainant is reluctant to support the prosecution.   Isobel is experienced in dealing with youth court matters and is skilled in working with vulnerable clients and witnesses.

Business crime

Isobel was recently instructed as a disclosure junior by the Competition and Markets Authority in a criminal cartel prosecution.  This prosecution follows an OFT investigation into the suspected cartel activity in the galvanized steel tank market.  This is the first prosecution to be brought by the CMA under the criminal offence in 4 years since the collapse of the British Airways/Virgin Atlantic case in 2010 and represents a major step forward in criminal enforcement.  A particular feature of this case is how the CMA applies immunity and leniency to co-operating witnesses and how this relates to disclosure and the handling of evidence.  Amongst other things, Isobel advised on complex matters of disclosure and legal professional privilege which are areas of particular sensitivity in large-scale prosecutions of this kind.  

Isobel was recently instructed by the Financial Conduct Authority as independent council in a complex LPP review.   The case in question was an international spread-betting fraud.  Isobel is well versed in this complex area of law.

Prior to joining chambers Isobel spent a year at Peters & Peters LLP, where she assisted a team acting on behalf of a multi-national company subject to a global corruption investigation.  She gained particular experience of dealing with disclosure notices issued by the Serious Fraud Office.

While at Peters and Peters LLP she also worked on a challenge being brought by 100 Zimbabwean citizens to the EU-wide freezing of their assets in a case pending before the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg.  


Isobel advises and represents individuals facing disciplinary proceedings in front of their professional disciplinary bodies as well as acting for the regulators.

Isobel is instructed by the Royal College of Nurses to act for registrants before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Recent cases include the mistreatment of elderly dementia patients in care homes and a nurses accused of attending shifts while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Isobel is currently representing a client in parallel criminal and disciplinary proceedings.  Isobel regularly secures excellent results for her clients and is frequently successful in avoiding a finding of impairment, in situations where the charges have been accepted.

Isobel acts for the General Dental Council in substantive as well as interim hearings.

Public Inquiries and Inquests

Isobel was instructed as part of the Coroner’s team in the Hillsborough inquests.  She has significant experience of the law and procedure relating to public inquests and inquiries as well and is confident in dealing with the many challenges posed by lengthy, document heavy cases.  

Motoring offences

Isobel is regularly instructed to defend driving matters on a private basis.   She has experience of all driving offences as well as insurance and licensing matters.  


Ann Goddard Scholarship 2013

Gray’s Inn Junior Award 2011


Criminal Bar Association

Young Fraud Lawyers Association

Notable cases:

R v E (2015)
Isobel Coates represents man accused of planning the honour killing of his wife.

NMC v P (2015)
Isobel successfully defended a Registrant before the Conduct and Competence Committee facing allegations that she had attend

NMC v Larbi (2015)
Isobel successfully defended a Registrant who faced numerous allegations, one of which involved the rough treatment of a care

NMC v Mniki (2014)
Isobel successfully defended a registrant who faced allegations of misconduct following the death of a resident in her care h

R v JF (2014)
Secured an acquittal for a client charged with affray and possession of an offensive weapon in which the prosecution relied

R v SR (2014)
Secured an acquittal for a client charged with making threats to kill in which the prosecution relied on a recording of the d