Jason Mansell


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Jason Mansell

Call 1991
LLB (Hons)


Practice: Business Crime & Financial Regulatory

‘Very good at the intricacies of financial crime, he is bright, good with clients and someone with great strategic vision.’ – Chambers UK (2017) Financial Crime

‘Having him on board is fantastic as he knows how the FCA think; he is not a pushover in any way and has taken cases against them all the way.’ – Chambers UK (2017) Financial Crime

‘Extremely hard-working, and has fantastic judgement and great client care. ’ – Chambers UK (2017) Financial Services

‘an extremely calming influence and good on the detail...always helpful, always available and always responsive. Added to this, he knows the approach the FCA will take…He has a great command over detail and he is unflappable…a white-collar crime regulatory expert.’ – Chambers UK (2015)

‘Has an excellent reputation for advising corporate clients and senior figures in relation to investigations and prosecutions brought by the SFO and former FSA.’ – Chambers UK (2014)


Uniquely ranked in both Financial Services and Criminal Fraud (Band 1) in Chambers UK, Jason is a defence specialist in FCA and professional disciplinary litigation and business related crime.

Jason draws on his previous experience as a regulator, prosecutor and senior lawyer at Allen & Overy LLP to deploy the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve the best possible results.

Jason accepts work via direct public access.

Business Crime

Jason defends individuals and corporates under criminal investigation by the SFO, FCA and CPS. He is often instructed by corporates in connection with criminal compliance issues under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Bribery Act 2010, Enterprise Act 2002, and export control legislation.

Jason has been instructed in 14 criminal investigations and enquiries for insider dealing, market abuse and market manipulation, including defending the former finance director of iSOFT Plc in relation to allegations of market manipulation and acting in FSA v Littlewood. Pre-charge, Jason was instructed in Operation Tabernula and Operation Saturn, the FCA’s largest insider dealing investigations to date.

Jason advises corporates in relation to disclosures to the SFO. He is currently acting for a bank in connection with the SFO’s investigation of the forex market and for an individual in connection with LIBOR. In 2014 he also acted for a financial institution in connection with an allegation of overseas bribery and a potential deferred prosecution agreement.  He has also advised a number of senior executives in connection with proposed SOCPA agreements. He has a particular interest in data protection, advising corporates and individuals in connection with the criminal and regulatory consequences of data breaches and associated issues.

Jason has also been instructed pre and post charge in respect of HMRC investigations and proseuctions concerning missing trader fraud, tax credit fraud, cheating the revenue and non prosecution disposals under COP 9.

Financial Regulatory

Jason has advised firms and individuals in relation to more than 85 FCA (formerly FSA) enforcement investigations and associated proceedings in the RDC, Upper Tribunal and High Court. He has also acted both for and against the Financial Reporting Council (formerly the AADB) in respect of disciplinary proceedings brought by the accountancy regulator. Many of his instructions result in no public outcome, preserving confidentiality.

Jason is instructed on behalf of firms and individuals in relation to FCA investigations concerning alleged breaches of FCA Rules and Principles and for market abuse. He has acted for a number of firms in relation to FCA supervisory interventions through the use of the OIVOP procedure and for a number of alternative investment companies and their Directors in connection with High Court proceedings for alleged breaches of the regulatory perimeter.

Other instructions include acting for a PLC in relation to a listing rules inquiry, former senior employees of banks in relation to the FCA’s investigation of Libor, a former CEO of a large financial institution in respect of prohibition proceedings, various individuals in relation to allegations of market abuse and an insurance company in connection with allegations of mis-selling.

Jason has also acted for individuals in relation to applications for FCA approval and advises individuals and corporates on regulatory reporting, perimeter, authorisation and supervision issues.

Additional Information

Allen & Overy - Senior Associate 2001-2004

FCA - Enforcement Counsel 2000-2001

CPS Casework Directorate (Special Casework Lawyer) and CPS London 1992-2000  


Hardwicke Scholar Lincoln’s Inn  


Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

Criminal Bar Association

Financial Services Lawyers Association

Fraud Lawyers Association

Midland Circuit

South Eastern Circuit

Notable cases:

FCA v Z (ongoing) (2015)
Individual being disciplined by the FCA for market abuse 

FRC v Z (ongoing) (2015)
Acting for FD of PLC in connection with FRC disciplinary investigation

FCA-v-M LTD (ongoing) (2015)
Acting for an insurance company in connection with allegations of misselling.     

FCA v X (ongoing) (2015)
Senior manager being disciplined by FCA for alleged Libor manipulation and oversight failings

SFO-v-Y Plc (ongoing) (2015)
Advising a bank in connection with the SFO’s investigation of forex

SFO v X (ongoing) (2015)
Advising an individual in connection with the SFO’s investigation of Libor.    

FCA-v-Capital Alternatives et al (2014) (on appeal) (2014)
Acting for D1-D8 in FCA perimeter action in High Court involving alleged collective alleged investment schemes.  &n

SFO v Y PLC (2014)
Acted for bank in connection with allegation of overseas bribery

FCA v X PLC (2013)
Acted for PLC in connection with alleged breaches of Listing Rules – no action taken

FCA v Y (2013)
CEO cleared of market abuse before RDC

Re J (2013)
Advised the Managing Director of a company in respect of a US/UK investigation in relation to alleged breaches of Iranian sanctions. No action taken

Re C (2013)
Advised an Iranian citizen resident in the UK who was being "cold shouldered" by financial institutions as a result of sanctions


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No safe havens? Pt1.Corporate facilitation of tax evasion: the new frontier.
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