Jocelyn Ledward


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QEB News: Jocelyn Ledward nominated for Crime Junior of the Year in the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2015
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QEB News: Crispin Aylett QC and Jocelyn Ledward act for prosecution as honey-trap murder case defendants are convicted.
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QEB News: Health & Safety Seminar at QEB Hollis Whiteman
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QEB News: Jocelyn Ledward represents medical recruitment consultant who received a suspended sentence after admitting participating in his employer’s fraud on the NHS.
27.2.2015 More >

QEB News: Zoe Johnson QC and Jocelyn Ledward act for the prosecution as Tania Clarence enters manslaughter plea
13.10.2014 More >

QEB News: Jocelyn Ledward acts for the GMC to secure doctor’s erasure from the medical register following his acquittal of sexual assault at Crown Court
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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Crime by Chambers UK
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QEB News: Jocelyn Ledward appointed Treasury Counsel.
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QEB News: R v Meehan
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QEB News: R v Stuart Hazell
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Jocelyn Ledward

Call 1999
BA (Hons) Dip Law BVC

Practice: Crime and Regulatory

"A model advocate." Legal 500 (2013) Fraud: Crime.

"Jocelyn Ledward is supremely hard-working, but also a very affable opponent." Chambers UK (2014) Crime

"Jocelyn Ledward's practice is primarily concerned with mainstream crime.  Fraud, cartels, murder and money laundering all lie within her bailiwick, whilst she has also completed advisory work with regards to unduly lenient sentences.  In R v Gallagher and others she led the successful prosecution of seven men who conspired to smuggle drugs and mobiles into Pentonville Prison.  Chambers UK (2013) Crime

"Jocelyn Ledward 'thinks outside the box and is able to apply her outstanding intellect to difficult areas of law'".  Legal 500 2012 Fraud

Jocelyn Ledward wins recognition as "a rising star of the Bar" due to her quality practice.  Chambers UK 2012


Jocelyn Ledward has built up a substantial mixed practice of fraud and mainstream crime, with particular expertise in sensitive high-profile and long-running, complex cases in all areas of criminal law and regulatory law.

Now appointed by the Attorney General as Junior Treasury Counsel, the last few years have focused on multi-handed and multiple homicides and other high-profile serious violence, but Jocelyn has recently enjoyed a return to a fraud-dominated practice. She is currently Junior Counsel acting for the former CEO of a company charged with conspiracy to cheat the public revenue (alleged total value of income tax evaded is over £100million in this long-running HMRC/CPS prosecution).

Jocelyn regularly advises and appears in the Court of Appeal on behalf of the Law Officers, particularly in relation to unduly lenient sentences.

Jocelyn Ledward has significant experience in both prosecuting and defending sexual allegations and other sensitive cases.  She has been involved in high profile cases, often involving sexual and indecent conduct by professionals (GMC – v – Bonhoeffer; R v Dr. N, a gynaecologist charged with sexual assault during an ante-natal scan). She has substantial expertise in relation to digital media and internet-based evidence, which features heavily in most of her cases. She is well versed in all aspect of media relations during high-profile proceedings.

She also has extensive experience of money-laundering, conspiracy to defraud and tax evasion, VAT fraud, large-scale drugs supply and importation, corruption and other offences of dishonesty (including high-value theft and robbery conspiracies).  Past highlights include representing a director defendant in the first prosecution by the OFT under the Cartel Offence provisions of the Enterprise Act, following the landmark “Marine Hose” plea agreement with the DoJ.

She has extensive experience in relation to disclosure and Public Interest Immunity; handling of electronic material; in dealing with evidence from foreign jurisdictions; and in confiscation.

She provides advice to and represents corporate and professional / director clients in Health and Safety at Work Act, Trade Descriptions Act and Insolvency Acts cases, and was Junior Prosecution Counsel in the successful prosecution of Sterecycle for corporate manslaughter.

Her professional disciplinary experience includes appearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, and other regulatory bodies, primarily in the healthcare field, in the full range of hearings and types of allegation.  In the last year, she has been involved in cases involving a chiropractor who missed a serious diagnosis (cauda equina syndrome), clinical performance issues involving a dentist, dishonesty by a GP and sexual assault by an A&E Consultant (all successful proceedings by the respective regulators).


Ranked in Chambers UK (2011) Crime

Jocelyn Ledward 'who has a rigorous intellectual approach' and is 'one to watch in the future' - Legal 500 (2010) - Fraud

Recent Work

R v Broni (2015): four-year jail term imposed on dance teacher after successful referral of unduly lenient sentence to the Court of Appeal. For BBC news article please click HERE.

R v B (2015): representation of a police officer acquitted of perverting the course of justice.

R v Cleworth (2015): prisoner ordered to serve sentence for smuggling drugs into prison consecutively, after successful referral to the Court of Appeal. For further information please click HERE.

R v Tania Clarence (2014): Zoe Johnson QC and Jocelyn Ledward act for the prosecution in this sensitive and highly complex case involving a mother who killed her three disabled children. For the BBC news article please click HERE.

R v Ebanks and West: sentences for drugs importation conspiracy increased after successful referral. For further information please click HERE.

R v Marsden: successful application to the Court of Appeal to review the unduly lenient sentence imposed on a sports coach for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

R v Ackland: successful referral to the Court of Appeal after suspended sentence imposed on a mother who incited a 14-year-old boy to engage in sexual activity.

R v Walters and others (2013): successful prosecution of seven defendants for murder and violent disorder in Dollis Hill following the Champions League Final in May 2012.

R v B (2013): representing a defendant charged with Consumer Credit Act offences, money laundering and handling stolen goods during pre-trial phases.  Charges were later dropped by the prosecuting authority.

NMC v Stamper and others (2012-2013): advising on proceedings at the NMC against six nurses who were concerned in the care of Sarah Jane McNicholas, who died of diabetic ketoacidosis in 1997.

R v Green and others (2011): successful prosecution of nine youths for murder/manslaughter, following the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old.

R v Campbell (2010): Prosecution of a businessman for the murder of his wife, Olga Pleguezuelos-Puixeu, a successful gaming industry executive (Prosecution Junior).

R v Harris and Ghalaini (2010-2011): successful prosecution of two professional thieves who were targeting high net worth individuals in the West End and at international jewellery fairs. Asset forfeiture was complicated by the appearance of a fraudulent third party claimant, requiring investigation of assets held in Uganda. This is one of the few successful prosecutions to come out of Operation Rize (the Hampstead Safety Deposit Box raids).



Monitoring Scheme for Treasury Counsel


Additional Information

Member of CBA, SE Circuit, Fraud Lawyers Association, ARDL, PABA, BASL.

Registered with the Bar Council – Public Access Directory

Member of the Public Access Bar Association - PABA

Working knowledge of French.



Magdalen College, Oxford (BA Hons - 1st Class)

City University (Dip Law - Commendation)

Inns of Court School of Law (BVC - Very Competent)


Notable cases:

Operation Amazon (2017)
Sean Larkin QC and Jocelyn Ledward successfully represented the former Chief Executive Officer of a company said to be at the heart of substantial tax cheat.

Re: NHS fraud (2015)
Jocelyn Ledward secures suspended sentence for medical recruitment consultant, who admitted his part in his employer’s

R v Clarence (Tania) (2015)
Prosecution of a mother for killing her three children

R – v – Sterecycle (2014)
Successful prosecution of a recycling company for Corporate Manslaughter

R v F and E (2014)
Manslaughter by arson.

R v Stuart Hazell (2013)
Jocelyn Ledward was Junior Prosecution Counsel in the prosecution of Stuart Hazell for the murder of his 12-year-old stepgran

R v P (2013)
Defending CEO of company for £120 million conspiracy to defraud

R v McCluskie (2013)
Successful prosecution of a man who had murdered his sister, the former Eastenders actress Gemma McCluskie.

GMC v Bonhoeffer (2012)
GMC fitness to to practise case against former Great Ormond Street cardiologist

R v Green, Gaha & Others (2011)
Youths convicted of Murder

R v Choudhry (2010)
Attempted Murder of MP


Corporate manslaughter: more and larger companies are due to pay the penalty. An article by Jocelyn Ledward for NFDC.
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"Keeping an eye on CCTV legislation," Jocelyn Ledward article published by Lexis Nexis.
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Cyberbullying: Legislative Reform and an International Perspective
This article appeared in Entertainment Law Review Ent. L.R 2014, 25(7) and has been reproduced here with the kind permission 22.12.2014
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Contempt and Social Media Update
This article appeared in Entertainment Law Review Ent. L.R 2014, 25(2) and has been reproduced here with the kind permission 24.3.2014
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Social Media How the Net is closing in on Cyber Bullies
This article appeared in Entertainment Law Review Ent. L.R. 2013, 24(8) and has been reproduced here with the kind permission 24.3.2014
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Understanding forensic evidence
Understanding forensic evidence: Do lawyers and the judiciary understand forensic evidence and the Bayesian approach? 25.1.2005
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