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QEB News: Stabbing murder trial opens at Central Criminal Court
2.3.2016 More >

QEB News: Julian Evans appointed as first junior Treasury counsel
3.12.2015 More >

QEB News: Crispin Aylett QC and Julian Evans secure conviction of Daniel Burgess and 4 others in the killing of Marcus Innocent
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QEB News: Victoria Station Murder
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Julian Evans

Call 1997
BA (Hons) (Cantab)

Practice: Crime, Regulatory and Public Law

Recommended as a Leading Junior in Crime

"Julian Evans is very thorough and methodical in his approach." Legal 500 (2013) Professional discipline and regulatory law.

"His attention to detail is second to none." Chambers UK (2014) Crime 

"Julian Evans is 'conscientious hard-working, and getting better and better,' according to sources.  His attention to detail, presence in court and work ethic came in for particular praise.  Appointed junior Treasury counsel in 2009, he is particularly good when prosecuting serious cases such as R v Rupert Ross and 3 Others, a multi-defendant murder trial concerning an execution-style killing outside Wandsworth Prison."  Chambers UK (2013) Crime


Julian Evans joined Chambers in 1999 and specialises in crime, regulatory and public law.

In relation to crime, Julian specialises in complex and high profile cases (prosecuting and defending) covering a wide spectrum of offences. He appears in the Court of Appeal and on behalf of the Attorney General.

He is also very experienced in professional discipline and presents cases on behalf of various regulatory bodies.

In relation to public law, he has recent experience of inquests, judicial review, advisory work and public inquiries including acting for Greater Manchester Police in the Anthony Grainger Inquiry.

He was appointed First Junior Treasury Counsel in 2015.


Julian Evans prosecutes and defends in complex and high profile cases, including multi-handed trials. His practice includes murder, joint enterprise, gross negligence manslaughter, serious and organised crime, terrorism, complex fraud and police corruption.

Many cases involved complex scientific evidence, social media, applications for witness anonymity or third party material, LPP review, National Crime Agency investigation and confiscation, complicated disclosure issues and public interest immunity.

He has been instructed in terrorism cases with an overseas (Syria and Libya) or domestic focus (including animal rights protests; trespass at research facilities) involving extradition, cross-border investigations or letters of request.

As sole counsel he has prosecuted cases including murder, manslaughter, historic sexual allegations, misconduct in public office, and wilful neglect of a patient who died in secure accommodation.

He has prosecuted in large-scale murder investigations (Odegbune and others, the Victoria Station murder trials; Regan and others), gross negligence manslaughter (Kingshott and others), robbery and conspiracy to rob (Tonbridge Securitas robbery; Millennium Dome robbery), possession of firearms, transferring criminal property, and alleged police corruption (Dizaei). He is instructed by the CPS in relation to advisory, trial and appellate work.

Defence work includes representing the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police charged with a health and safety offence in relation to a fatal police shooting. The case involved witness anonymity, covert policing and public interest immunity. He is representing Greater Manchester Police in the public inquiry. He has defended in high level conspiracies to rob, allegations of manslaughter and fraud.

He appears in the Court of Appeal regarding appeals against conviction and sentence, and interlocutory trial rulings, and (as Junior Treasury Counsel) on behalf of the Attorney General in applications for permission to refer sentences.

His advice in complex investigations includes work for the Government Legal Department, CPS and IPCC investigations and advising on corporate manslaughter.

Corporate and Financial Crime

Julian has experience in prosecuting and defending in a wide variety of serious and complex cases including defending in a multi-million-pound advance fee fraud prosecuted by the SFO; prosecuting a company director and solicitor charged with conspiracy to defraud a trustee in bankruptcy; defending a financial director of a non-departmental government organisation prosecuted by the SFO; and defending in large scale carousel frauds.


Julian is very experienced in the field of professional discipline. He has appeared before regulatory tribunals over many years, and has presented cases on behalf of various regulatory bodies including the General Medical Council and the General Dental Council.

His numerous high profile cases include proceedings brought by the GMC against a senior consultant arising from endemic failings identified during the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (Gendy).

He has wide experience of tribunal proceedings, including substantive fitness to practise hearings, interim order and review hearings, appeals and applications to stay regulatory proceedings. His experience includes allegations of poor clinical practice, deficient professional performance, fraud and other dishonesty and research plagiarism. He has extensive experience of dealing with expert witnesses.

He has also advised in a number of substantial and complex GMC investigations. These include advising on the viability of fitness to practise proceedings against doctors who faced allegations of conspiracy to defraud in relation to the commissioning of medico-legal reports involving solicitors and insurance companies (Adler). The case involved a substantial quantity of written material and required careful consideration of the duties of expert witnesses, the legitimacy of referral fee and contingency fee arrangements, and the impact of failed criminal proceedings on regulatory proceedings.

Public Law

Julian has current experience of an inquest that was converted into a public inquiry and associated judicial review. Recently he acted for Greater Manchester Police in the Anthony Grainger Inquiry which is expected to report its findings in late 2017. He was instructed following the conclusion of criminal proceedings. The inquiry had wide terms of reference and heard evidence in open and closed session. Through his involvement in the inquiry, he has acquired extensive knowledge of police procedures, Codes of Practice, covert policing techniques and authorisation, and applications for witness anonymity.

Much of the regulatory law he has practised demands a high degree of familiarity with cases that have been the subject of High Court proceedings and judicial review. He has experience of judicial review proceedings in criminal practice. There has also been a public law element in relation to advisory work he has undertaken on whether to refer companies for the purposes of criminal investigation.

Julian has advised in complex investigations including work for the Government Legal Department, the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service. Other work includes advising on electronic curfew tagging, its technological requirements and the admissibility of evidence gathered by this technology.

He has advised on the possible referral of companies to the Serious Fraud Office for the purposes of criminal investigation. This has included the need to quickly assimilate complex accounting investigation material and to consider the impact of concurrent civil proceedings and reputational issues. In other cases, he has advised on the strength of evidence from a criminal law perspective, the extent and interpretation of contractual obligations and on the level and scale of potentially fraudulent/criminal conduct.


2015 – present: First Junior Treasury Counsel
2009 – 2015: Junior Treasury Counsel, Central Criminal Court

Additional Information

Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Member of Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers
Registered with the Bar Council – Public Access Directory
Member of the Public Access Bar Association - PABA

Education History

Inns of Court School of Law, London
College of Law, London
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, BA and MA (Hons)

Professional Memberships

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Criminal Bar Association
Middle Temple

Notable cases:

R v Akra & Others (Victoria Station Murder Trial 1) (2011)
The Victoria Station murder

R v Dizaei (2010)
Prosecution of senior serving police officer

R v Cameron & others (2009)
Multi-handed shooting case.

R v Rusha & others (2008)
The 'Tonbridge Robbery'

R v Morris & Mead (2006)
Multimillion pound advance-fee fraud

GMC v Dr Sinha (2006)
Series of indecent assaults

R v Morris (2004)
Finance Director charged with theft and false accounting

R v Sarasia & others (2003)
Large-scale carousel fraud

R v Cockram & others; R v Wenham & others (2002)
The Millennium Dome robbery

R v Manuelyan & Manuelyan (2001)
Fruitarian parents starved baby to death