Katherine Lloyd


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QEB News: Paul Raudnitz and Katherine Lloyd act for Operation Zygos “most-wanted” suspect in horse-racing tipping fraud.
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QEB News: Linda Strudwick and Katherine Lloyd act for the Crown in £5million money laundering prosecution
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Katherine Lloyd

Call 2011
First Class Honours, Law (LLB), University of London
Bar Professional Training Course, Kaplan Law School


Katherine accepts instructions in all areas of chambers’ work with a particular focus on matters involving financial crime. She is currently seconded to the business crime team at Peters & Peters to provide advice and assistance in a matter involving allegations of international corruption and money laundering.

Financial Crime

Katherine came to the bar with considerable experience in defending those charged with financial crime. In the two years prior to joining chambers, Katherine worked with Shearman Bowen & Co Solicitors, where she assisted in the defence preparation of a number of high profile cases prosecuted by the FSA (now FCA), SFO and SOCA. As a result, Katherine understands what is expected of counsel and is adept at analysing the voluminous documentary evidence that is an inevitable part of any such case.

Katherine is now regularly instructed to act as junior alone and led junior for the prosecution and defence in the spectrum of financial offences. A sample of cases can be found in the notable cases panel to the right.

Throughout 2015, Katherine was instructed by the Serious Fraud Office to assist with the pre-charge investigation into potential wrong doing during the 2007/2008 Bank of England liquidity auctions.

Katherine also accepts instructions to assist and advise multi-national corporations whom, whilst not a party to criminal proceedings, nevertheless hold an interest in the events (for example, where a current or former employee is charged). Katherine is currently instructed on that basis in relation to Operation Tabernula, the largest insider dealing case brought by the FCA to date.

Most recently, Katherine was seconded with Peters & Peters Solicitors where she worked as part of the team developing a global defence strategy for a client linked to the misappropriation of funds from the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund. The matter involved advising on the freezing of bank accounts, seizure of assets, money laundering, mutual legal assistance requests and extradition concerns. The investigations spanned various jurisdictions including France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the US, Malaysia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and the UK.


Katherine is fully conversant with the complex principles of Legal Professional Privilege. Through 2014, she was instructed as independent LPP counsel to Operation Axiom, a Home Office prosecution of a ring of solicitors accused of multiple immigration fraud offences. Katherine is currently instructed as independent LPP counsel to Operation Hornet, the prosecution of a former HBOS manager and his co-conspirators, charged with defrauding the bank of £35m.

General Crime

Katherine accepts instructions to defend those charged with the full range of criminal offences. She is a committed advocate who has been commended for going the extra mile for her clients in the preparation of their defence. She has successfully defended clients facing a range of offences including, inter alia, dangerous driving, child abduction and threats to kill.

Motoring Offences

Katherine’s in depth knowledge of the complex and technical driving laws means she often secures the best outcome for her client. By way of example, Katherine pursued a technical defence relating to a blood sample in a drink drive matter which led the Crown to drop the charge against her client. Most recently, she successfully defended a police officer who faced allegations of careless driving and failing to report an accident.


Katherine has extensive knowledge of the law of confiscation and enforcement under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. She is regularly instructed to act at all stages of the confiscation process, from restraint and applications to vary, to final confiscation hearings and subsequent enforcement proceedings.


Throughout 2014, Katherine was instructed on a continuing basis to provide assistance as a junior member of the disclosure team at Field Fisher LLP, who act for the Coroner in relation to the ongoing Hillsborough Inquests.


Katherine spent the early part of 2011 in Arizona assisting in the defence of death penalty cases. Of particular note, she worked on the case of Robert Moorman. Katherine drafted last-minute written appeals to all levels of the American court system and ultimately appeared as one of Mr Moorman’s mitigation advocates at his final hearing before the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency.


Inner Temple Sir Joseph Priestly Internship Award 2011
Kalisher Blackstone’s Scholarship 2011
GDST Minerva Johnston Memorial Scholarship 2007-2009

Appointments and Memberships

CPS Grade 1 Prosecutor
Criminal Bar Association
Young Fraud Lawyers Association

Notable cases:

R v MA, Central Criminal Court (2016)
junior alone for the second defendant in a multi-handed ‘crash for cash’ conspiracy.

R v JB, Lewes Crown Court (2015)
led junior in the defence of Operation Zygos’ “most-wanted” suspect in a horse-racing tipping fraud.

FA Ltd (2015)
contributed to the pre-charge advice for a company under investigation for fraud and Consumer Protection Act offences.

R v HT and MK, Central Criminal Court (2015)
led junior for the CPS in the successful prosecution of a Bureau De Change owner who used the business as a cover to launder over £3.5million.

R v RD (2015)
Successfully defended an off duty police officer, who faced allegations of careless driving and failing to report an accident

R v Bloor (2015)
Paul Raudnitz and Katherine Lloyd act for Operation Zygos “most-wanted” suspect in horse-racing tipping fraud.

R v DA, Chelmsford CC (2014)
Led junior in the successful prosecution of an ex local authority manager charged with defrauding his employers of £240

R v JF, Guildford CC (2014)
Secured suspended sentence for a client originally charged with a gang related night-time domestic burglary.