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QEB News: Kerry Broome and Philip Stott appointed as Treasury Counsel monitorees
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QEB News: Operation Boromo: Paul Raudnitz, Kerry Broome and Caoimhe Daly conclude largest joint DWP/ Home Office fraud prosecution yet brought
23.03.2016 More >

QEB News: Three members of QEB Hollis Whiteman act for the prosecution in the trial of a sham marriage arranger and benefits fraudster.
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QEB News: Kerry Broome and Tim Naylor secure conviction of armed robbers at Old Bailey
22.7.2014 More >

QEB News: R v Nabuguzi & others (Operation Spenser) (2012-Ongoing) (2014)
11.4.2014 More >

QEB News: R v Akpom
24.1.2013 More >

Kerry Broome

Call 2003 (Gray’s Inn)
LLB (Hons) University of Manchester

Practice: Fraud, Crime & Regulatory


Kerry Broome is instructed to defend and prosecute cases of complex fraud, serious crime, and professional misconduct.  Having built a strong practice as junior counsel, she undertook her first case as leading counsel last year, successfully prosecuting a gang of seven armed robbers over 9 weeks at the Central Criminal Court and is currently instructed as leading counsel in an immigration fraud committed by a Home Office employee.  Kerry has experience both defending and prosecuting corporates and her practice encompasses all elements of restraint and confiscation in both the Crown and High Courts.


The mainstay of Kerry’s practice is serious and heavy fraud including banking, company, investment, tax and mortgage frauds.  She is currently instructed by the SFO in relation to the collapse of the hedge fund Weavering Capital and for the last three and a half years she has been junior prosecution counsel in Operation Spenser, a multi-agency prosecution of an extremely complex commercial-scale identity fraud spanning 20 years.  Kerry is also instructed by HMRC’s MTIC team in allegations of missing trader intra-community fraud before the First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber).  Kerry has acquired extensive experience dealing with disclosure (including issues of privilege and public interest immunity); electronic presentation of evidence; and obtaining and presenting evidence from abroad.


Kerry’s criminal practice includes defending and prosecuting a wide range of serious offences including money laundering, health and safety violations, trading standards offences, attempted murder, violence, and sexual offences.  Many of her cases involve complicated expert evidence and cross-examination of young or vulnerable witnesses.  Kerry has defended soldiers before Courts Martial in Germany.  

Kerry is a Grade 4 prosecutor for the CPS and also prosecutes on behalf of the Security Industry Authority.  She is a member of Chambers’ private prosecution team and is currently instructed to advise on the private prosecution of two company employees for fraud.


Kerry frequently appears in professional disciplinary tribunals.  She is regularly instructed to advise on and present cases before the General Dental Council.  She is also instructed to defend doctors facing disciplinary proceedings in the MPTS and has been instructed both to prosecute and defend by the General Chiropractic Council, the Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Royal College of Nursing.  In addition Kerry has experience prosecuting on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Direct Access

Kerry accepts instructions on a direct access basis and has undertaken a number of such cases.  Most recently she was instructed to defend a company facing prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive.


Kerry Broome, drawing praise for her "excellent grasp of the issues - there is no doubt she has an excellent future ahead of her." - 'Legal 500', Crime 2011

Recommended in Crime: “Kerry Broome has a superb but firm bedside manner with defendants of all ages” – 'Legal 500', Crime (2010)

Additional Information

February-May 2009: seconded to HMRC
June 2003-September 2004: The SFO
November 2000-August 2002: Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels LLP

Professional Memberships

Criminal Bar Association
Fraud Lawyers Association
Female Fraud Network
South Eastern Circuit
Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers
Public Access Bar Association (PABA)
Registered with the Bar Council Public Access directory   

Notable cases:

R V Mahamoud Simakan, Ayi Cogj Hughes Arnaud D’Almeida, Erika Lazdane, Jordane Nice, Mathieu Aka
Operation Boromo: Paul Raudnitz, Kerry Broome and Caoimhe Daly conclude largest joint DWP/ Home Office fraud prosecution yet brought

R v Lidstone (2014)
Kerry Broome defended Nicholas Lidstone, a former police officer who pleaded guilty to 13 offences of child abuse which incl

R v Nabuguzi & others (Operation Spenser) (2012-Ongoing) (2014)
Commercial scale identity fraud

R -v- Carbon and others (2014)
Series of armed robberies

SFO v Peterson (2014)
Lead disclosure counsel for SFO

R -v- Desmangles and others (2013)
Large-scale conspiracy to supply heroin

R v IM (2012)
Historic sexual abuse

R v HA (2012)
Rape & GBH

R v VS (2011)
Immigration Officer accused of misconduct in public office

R v Frauts & Lynch (2010)
SFO prosecution of company directors

R v Clarke & Others (2010)
Multi-million pound identity fraud