Lucy Kennedy


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QEB News: Jason Mansell and Lucy J. Kennedy boost Business Crime and Financial Regulatory Practice at QEB Hollis Whiteman
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Lucy J Kennedy

Call 2000
Solicitor (Civil Law) 1995-2000
First Class - BA (Hons) (York)

Practice: Business Crime and Regulatory

‘We really appreciated her constructive approach and invaluable insights on the regulator's expectations… a real pleasure to work with’ – Leading financial institution (Europe) (2016)

‘We would never have got anywhere close to where we did without her good counsel and patience’ – Leading financial institution (2015)

‘Exemplary; impeccable’ – Judicial comments (2012)

‘Undertakes fantastically thorough preparation’
– Legal 500 (2009)

A uniquely-experienced specialist in the financial conduct world. An established courtroom advocate and on-site consultant, Lucy Kennedy draws her expertise from many years at the Bar but also from having operated in-house at both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Serious Fraud Office. Accordingly, she provides insightful, imaginative and resolute expertise for individuals and companies facing legal challenges on either side of the courtroom door.

She is happy to accept work via direct public access.


  • Financial Conduct Barrister and Consultant: present.
  • Head of financial regulatory barrister/analysts team in a global remediation project: 2015-2016.
  • Head of two Serious Fraud Office banking investigations: 2013-2014.
  • Lawyer to the Financial Services/Conduct Authorities: Q1, 2013.
  • Criminal & Regulatory Barrister: from 2000.
  • Solicitor (Civil Law): 1995-2000.

Present – Financial Conduct Barrister and Consultant.

  • Sixteen years’ experience: prosecuting; defending; assisting individuals and large corporate and government organisations with criminal and regulatory concerns.
  • Fundamental expertise on business/financial crime/regulatory matters and on serious and organised crime.
  • Considerable experience prosecuting on behalf of the Special Casework Division of the Crown Prosecution Service, (responsible for the most complex CPS cases).
  • Exceptional insight in banking regulation/crime, having headed large teams of barristers/investigators/analysts in both investigating and representing/advising large transnational banks.

2015 – 2016:    Head of bank remediation barrister/analysts team

    For a year (2015-2016) Lucy led a team of sixteen specialist financial crime barristers and several analysts addressing pressing regulatory obligations within several jurisdictions of a global leading bank. Lucy worked directly with bankers and senior executives, incorporating:

  • Boardroom advice to highly senior executives.
  • Secrecy and offshore jurisdiction complexities.
  • Cross-platform complexities.
  • International conglomerate KYC and beneficial ownership issues.
  • Cross-jurisdictional trusts KYC and beneficial ownership issues.
  • Sovereign wealth funds.
  • Bearer share regulations in various countries.
  • Asset assessment.
  • Sanctions restrictions.
  • AML Source of Wealth and Source of Funds evidential analysis.
  • Directing her team with regard to the above.
  • Training bankers and bankers’ executives as to regulatory requirements and how to approach them in practice.

  • The project was successfully completed in the spring of 2016.

May 2013 – October 2014:    Serious Fraud Office: Case Controller.

  • Headed the SFO’s twofold investigation into suspected manipulation of a significant benchmark interest rate within a vast leading international bank.
  • Led a team of SFO, Financial Conduct Authority and HM Revenue and Customs investigators, lawyers, forensic accountants and banking consultants in two highly complex examinations of the conduct of many individuals of varying ranks, including board members and very senior executives, spanning different banking departments and geographical jurisdictions.
  • Worked in coordination with authorities in three continents.
  • Under Lucy’s direction, the comprehensive and expeditious investigations went beyond the explorations and findings of other investigative and regulatory agencies around the globe.

1st Quarter 2013:    Financial Services/Conduct Authority: Lawyer.

  • Lawyer seconded to the Criminal Enforcement Division of the FSA and FCA.
  • Assisted Chief Criminal Counsel.
  • Advised on APR (Approved Person Regime) supervision and enforcement.
  • Advised on Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 breaches.
  • Headed, and brought to charge, a multi-million pound Ponzi scheme investigation.

July 2000 to Present:    Criminal/Regulatory Barrister.

Practice profile:
  • Chiefly prosecuting on behalf of the Special Casework Division of the Crown Prosecution Service, (the division responsible for the most complex CPS cases).
  • Developed a fundamental expertise on serious and organised crime cases and thereafter centred on business and financial crime.
  • Commonly represented the Crown alone or leading against Queen’s Counsel.

Previous Career

1995-2000: Solicitor (civil law)

  • O.H.Parsons Solicitors, Holborn.
  • Employment law; internal disciplinary investigations; industrial injury; et al.
  • The first woman in OHP’s then 50-year history to be offered partnership. She declined the offer to experience life at the Bar.

Professional Memberships

  • Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Criminal Bar Association.
  • Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers.
  • International Member, American Bar Association.
  • Registered with the Bar Council – Public Access Directory.
  • FT Non Executive Directors Club member
  • Invited to participate in the Professional Boards Forum (for Non-Executive Directors' FTSE board roles), in May 2015.


  • Leonard Sainer Education Foundation Award (Titmuss, Sainer, Dechert); 1994-5.
  • Drapers Company Award: 1994-1995.


Grade 3 Prosecutor

Notable cases:

R v B (2017 & 2018)
Instructed to defend the Chief Executive Officer of an international and well-known charity, facing allegations of fraud, bribery, false accounting.

R v T et al (2016-2017)
Defending the ‘main’ defendant, accused of large-scale international corruption within The World Bank.

Bank Internal Investigation Report (2016)
Instructed by a UK-based international bank.

FCA v Bank (2015 to 2016)
International financial-regulatory remediation project across assorted countries, including secrecy jurisdictions, on behalf of a prominent international bank.

SFO Banking Investigation (2014)
Heading an extensive dual investigation into a leading global bank.

FCA v H and S (Investigation) (2013)
Heading a multi-million pound Ponzi scheme investigation.

R v Fontan et al (2013)
City commodity brokers oil-deal blackmailing case.

Re: AC (2012)
Brokering house advice on possible offences committed by its chief executive and the corporate implications.

R v Oyewor (2012)
Money transfer company agent committed multi-million, multi-currency international money laundering.

R v Ali (2012)
Company director accused of shareholder-fund embezzlement.

Operation Eaglewood (2011)
Largest ever CPS prosecution. International multi-million pound/euro money-laundering case.

R v Shoyeju (2011)
Cross-continent UK Border Agency senior officer corruption. Leading Counsel for the Crown against Queen’s Counsel.

R v Odunatan (2011)
Insider fraud within a major bank.