Lydia Barnfather


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QEB News: Ranked as Leader in Professional Disclipline by Chambers UK
28.7.2014 More >

QEB News: 3 members nominated for Chambers Bar Awards 2013
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QEB News: Nominated for Chambers 100 - The Bar 2013
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Lydia Barnfather

Call 1992

Practice: Regulatory and Crime

Ranked Tier 1 as a Leading Junior in Professional Discipline and Regulatory Law in Legal 500 2015.

‘An accomplished advocate with deep expertise in medico-legal matters. She acts for professional bodies including the GDC, GMC and HCPC, and also has a growing practice on the defendant side.’ – Chambers UK (2016)

“Brilliant”, “excellent across the board” and “experienced in all facets of professional discipline” she excels in the medical and social care fields before the courts and tribunals including on behalf of the GMC, GDC, GCC, former GSCC, HCPC,  NHS England and others. Client-centred and praised for her “speedy responses and pragmatism” she is “known for being ‘decisive’ but also willing to discuss matters.”

Lydia is a leading practitioner in professional discipline and has been recognised as a leading junior in Chambers and Partners since 2004. She has prosecuted and presented some of the most complex, high profile and sensitive cases for regulatory bodies, many involving opposing Queen’s Counsel.

Lydia has experience in inquests.  In 2014 she represented the family of a military policeman killed in Afghanistan.


"She is an exceptional advocate with first-rate judgement and technical skill. She knows when to fight and when to concede." – Chambers UK (2016)

‘A brilliant adviser and trial advocate who manages her cases with the minimum of fuss.  She sorts the wood from the trees on the most technical of cases and presents superbly.  Loved by clients, she always gets a good result.’ – Chambers UK (2016)

"There are very few questions that she hasn't seen or that she doesn't have an informed viewpoint on." "She sees the wood from the trees on the most technical of cases and presents superbly." Chambers UK (2015)

‘The “brilliant” Lydia Barnfather is “excellent across the board” and noted for her ability to strike up rapport with solicitors, clients and witnesses. She specialises in prosecuting medical and social care professionals before tribunals and in the criminal courts.’ – Chambers UK (2013)

‘a universally popular choice’ – Legal 500 (2013)

‘an excellent advocate who really fights for the cause’ – Chambers UK (2012)

‘refreshingly alive to the issues facing regulatory clients’ – Legal 500 (2012)

‘Clients warm to “class act” Lydia Barnfather and are impressed by her familiarity with a range of committees’ – Chambers UK (2011)



Lydia is expert in all aspects of conduct, performance and health and is highly experienced in calling and cross-examining experts and dealing with vulnerable witnesses.
Lydia has advised and appeared in cases before a wide range of tribunals and courts including on appeals to the High Court (and formerly the Privy Council). Her dedication, thoroughness and high quality advocacy have ensured repeat instructions before all the major health and social care regulators.
She advises on the most difficult areas of law and leads in-house training events for professional clients with whom she has excellent working relationships.


Lydia also has extensive experience in the criminal law having been instructed in a number of serious cases including murder, sex abuse, fraud and drugs offences. She is on the Rape Specialist List.

Additional Information

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
Former member, Bar Professional Standard Committee
Former elected Committee member, Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers


MA Oxford
University of Westminster


Notable cases:

DC v Vieru-York (2015) EWHC 1784
Prosecuted a Harley Street dentist for gross clinical errors involving implant surgery.

A regulator v TT (2015)
advised a regulator on highly confidential matters involving potential repeated breaches of the Data Protection Act.

NHS England v Dr Kamal (2014)
prosecuted a General Practitioner accused of multiple indecent assaults of vulnerable female patients over a protracted period of time.

GDC v Ashraf (2014) EWHC 2618
dentist was successfully prosecuted by Lydia for three separately orchestrated NHS frauds.

GMC v Dr Adeosun (2014)
Represented a GP accused of sexual assaults of female patients successfully prosecuted before the MPTS

NHS England -v- Dr Kamal (2013)
The first test case for NHS England under the new regulations governing Performers Lists and the follow-on appeal before the

Sergeant Loughran-Dickson (2014)
Represents interests of family

NHS England -v- Dr Kamal (2013)
The first test case for NHS England under the new regulations governing Performers Lists and the follow-on appeal before the

GDC -v- Ashraf (2013)
Dentist previously acquitted before the criminal courts of several separately orchestrated NHS frauds was successfully prosec

GMC -v- Keilloh (2012)
Military doctor accused in connection with torture and beatings by British soldiers of Iraqi detainees.

GMC -v- Abusin (2011)
Removal of kidney and destruction of remaining kidney of healthy donor resulting in near-death.

GMC v Akhtar (2010)
A & E Registrar’s sexually motivated conduct towards scalded patient.

GSCC v Angela Turner (2010)
Social worker charged with abusive language and cruel conduct towards vulnerable service user.

GDC v Horn (2010)
Dentist charged with inappropriate prescribing, including self prescribing of dihydrocodeine, and smoking of cannabis.

GSCC v Lansdell (2010)
Social worker who breached of professional boundaries with female services users and use of  fraudulent documents.

GSCC v Celia-Gail Smith (2010)
Wide scale failings of social worker responsible for care of Children in Need and children on the Child Protection Register.