Nicholas Corsellis


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Nicholas Corsellis

Call 1993
LLB (Hons)

Practice: Crime, Fraud: Criminal and Professional Discipline.

A superb junior lauded for his ability to prosecute and defend a broad range of serious criminal matters, including drugs and murder cases. Sources highlight him as a "real grafter" who is very well experienced in representing professional clients - "A class act" who is "very clever” who recently represented the lead defendant in the £20 million Hatton Garden jewellery heist.

Recommended in Crime. Chambers UK (2015) Crime

Recommended in Crime. Chambers UK (2014) Crime

Nicholas is a highly respected leading counsel specialising in serious crime, ranging from fraud to murder, both prosecuting and defending. Professional and lay clients appreciate his direct and clear approach packaged with calmness, diplomacy and courtesy.

Nicholas accepts work via direct public access.

He is accredited as a Grade 4 Prosecutor for the CPS.

Business crime

Nicholas acts in complex multi-million pound fraud cases, often with an international dimension. Recent examples include R v H (2016) which involved a £2million conspiracy to cheat the UK and German public revenue using a multitude of companies and mechanisms. R v KH and others (2016) relating to a series of boiler room frauds using carbon credits and overseas banking aid as methods to attract unsuspecting investors. Other recent cases have been (R v S and others 2013) a £5 million worldwide wine fraud, (R v O and others 2014) a £17+ million payroll fraud leading to a conspiracy to frustrate restraint proceedings and (R v B 2014) a £1.2million mortgage fraud.

Nicholas advises on FCA regulatory enquiries concerning alleged FSMA offences such as non-regulated businesses contravening financial promotion and the arrangement provisions - a topic of high current interest given the forthcoming changes to the public's access to pensions.


Nicholas undertakes very high-profile cases and handles allegations of serious crime including murder, very high value drugs conspiracies and sexual abuse.

His experience and ability can be demonstrated by the fact that he has been chosen to lead the defence case in a murder trial when all other defendants and prosecution were represented by Queen’s Counsel. - R v MR and others (2014-5) - and representing the first defendant at trial in the recent Hatton Garden Jewellery Heist - R v Wood and others (2016 ongoing)

He has previously represented the defence in other high profile cases such as the organiser of the £40 million Graff jewellery robbery (R v Kassaye), the first defendant in R v O and others (the Victoria Station Murder), the Latvian serial rapist and murderer (R v Dembovskis) and a 15 year old contract killer (R v G).

He is one of the few specialist rape prosecutors but also defends in such cases on a privately instructed basis.

Professional Discipline

Nicholas acts for the International Tennis Federation (and other governing bodies) in arbitrations concerning professional tennis players either at first instance of before the Court of Arbitration of Sport in Lausanne. Recent examples of this PTIOs v Jakupovic (2016), PTIOs v Gadomski (2016).

Nicholas also acts for the General Dental Council in cases involving misconduct of dentists and for members of the medical and nursing profession charged with misconduct.

Firearms Licensing

Nicholas is well experienced in dealing with cases involving firearms including appeals heard in the Crown Court concerning the revocation of firearms certificates and the potential consequences to reputation


Fluent in french.

Professional memberships

Criminal Bar Association

Notable cases:

R v Hearsey (2017)
Nick Corsellis appearing as leading prosecution counsel in the murder trial of R v Hearsey at Lewes Crown Court.

R V Iheanacho (2017)
Eleanor Laws QC and Nick Corsellis acted for the prosecution in the trial of Marvyn Iheanacho who beat his five year old stepson to death for losing his trainer

R V J (2016)
QEB Hollis Whiteman member Nick Corsellis represented a leading orthopaedic surgeon charged with common assault on his PA, by biting.

R v W and others (2015)
Nick Corsellis has been instructed to defend one of the principal defendants in the £200 million Hatton Gardens jewell

R v P and others (2015)
Secured acquittal of accused of man alleged to be involved in conspiracies to import vast quantities of cocaine into the UK

R v Mamunoor Rahman and others (2014)
The only junior to be instructed as Leading Counsel for the central defendant in this multi handed murder trial.

R v B (2014)
Secured the acquittal of a person charged with a £1+million mortgage fraud.

R v O and others (2014)
Defence counsel in a case involving the disposal of the proceeds of a £17 million fraud

R v RSP (2014)
Case involving a graphic designer who punched a fellow passenger who tragically died due to catastrophic brain injury

R -v- MS (2014)
Counsel for a defendant who raped and attempted to murder a stranger before seeking out and murdering his wife.

R -v- ZH and Others (2014)
Counsel for the first defendant in a drugs conspiracy re importation and supply of £50 million of heroin

R -v- S and Others (2014)
Leading counsel for a key defendant in a £5 million investment fraud.

R -v- H and Others (2013)
Secured only acquittal in Champions League murder.


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