Philip McGhee


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Philip McGhee

Call 2003
MA (Oxon)
Université de Paris II

Practice Areas: Professional Regulation and Crime

"A pleasure to work with; he has a fantastic manner with clients."
Legal 500 (2016) Crime

"A safe pair of hands with an unflappable can-do attitude."
Legal 500 (2016) Professional Discipline and regulatory law

Professional Regulation:

Philip advises and acts for regulators and professionals in fitness to practise proceedings which engage a variety of serious issues such as probity, competence and performance, and conduct beyond the perimeter of the workplace.

He has experience dealing with complex and technical evidential issues and expert evidence across a number of fields.

In the healthcare sphere, Philip presents cases and represents individuals before the GDC, the GMC, the GCC, the NMC and the HCPC. In the wider regulatory context, he represents solicitors and other legal professionals regulated by the SRA. He acts for the SIA in its civil and licensing jurisdiction.

Philip also trains law professionals in legal and procedural matters related to regulatory and disciplinary proceedings.


Philip prosecutes and defends in trials of serious and organised crime, as well as in a wider variety of criminal cases.

His prosecution practice covers complex multi-handed cases, with an emphasis on armed or violent robberies, money laundering and controlled drugs-related matters. He has also been led in cases of homicide.

He has considerable experience managing prosecution disclosure involving large amounts of sensitive and unused material. He has advised the prosecution in relation to a range of matters including legal professional privilege, obtaining and using foreign intercept evidence, and extradition. He has experience of prosecution interlocutory appeals, as well as cash forfeiture, restraint and confiscation proceedings.

Philip has also recently trained prosecutors and Home Office investigators in relation to disclosure.

He prosecutes cases brought by professional regulators possessing prosecuting powers and has acted for the GDC, the SIA and the Gambling Commission before the magistrates' courts and the Crown Court.

His defence practice runs across the spectrum, with a particular emphasis on violent and sexual offences. He has successfully defended individuals facing harassment, assault and 'air rage' charges.

Philip also represents professionals charged with criminal offences, including in cases where there are parallel active regulatory proceedings, and has acted for GPs, surgeons, bankers, directors and other company officers.

Philip has also advised and represented clients in difficult circumstances, including young and mentally disordered defendants.

Other practice areas:

Philip is instructed by a number of local authorities in trading standards litigation, particularly in cases involving allegations of unfair commercial practice, unfair trading, and false or misleading advertising. He has advised in relation to undertakings and proceedings under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2003.

He also advises and acts for individuals and corporate defendants facing prosecution for a variety of trading-related offences, including the alleged unauthorised use of trademarks and breaches of terms of operating licences.

Philip has lectured and trained prosecutors in trading standards-related topics.

He is also experienced in all areas of road traffic law and regularly accepts instructions on a private basis to defend individuals facing disqualification from driving.

Previous experience:

Philip practised for two years as an attorney (combining the duties of barrister and solicitor) in the Cayman Islands. He advised and represented clients in criminal cases including rape, firearms offences, attempted murder and other serious violence, at first instance and at appellate level, including the Privy Council, as well as in immigration matters and civil actions against the police. He also regularly acted in cases where the defendant was charged with offences specific to Cayman, such as insulting the modesty of a woman and illegally taking turtle and conch.

Prizes and Scholarships:

Woolf Scholarship, awarded by 1 Crown Office Row Chambers.
Prince of Wales and Reid Scholarships, and Senior Award, Gray’s Inn.

Other information:

Philip is a registered pupil supervisor.

Philip accepts direct access instructions.

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Health and Safety Lawyers Association
Criminal Bar Association
Fraud Lawyers Association
Public Access Bar Association

Philip is a volunteer panel member at the Bar Pro Bono Unit.

He speaks conversational French.

Legal 500 (2010) Recommended in Crime: "Philip has a flourishing practice."

Notable cases:

R v Blakemore (2015)
Philip successfully defended the ’spanking GP’ against charges of ABH and common assault after she was accused of

R v Santiago and Others (2015)
Philip Mcghee prosecutes violent gang

GDC v N (2015)
Philip acted for the General Dental Council in fitness to practise proceedings brought against a dentist for the dishonest f

R v CH (2015)
Philip successfully defended a young man who was accused of exposure while hiding his face behind a giant cookie.

R v Wallace and others (2015)
Philip successfully prosecuted a gang who robbed a Post Office cash-in-transit courier in St John's Wood

R v Zawadzka (2014)
Philip was led by Sarah Plaschkes QC in the successful prosecution of a female sex worker who murdered her friend by bludgeon

GMC v Dr W (2014)
Philip represented a general practitioner who faced fitness to practise proceedings following an allegation of deficient prof

R v K (2014)
Philip successfully defended the son of a former prime minister of an ex-Soviet republic who faced a charge of assaulting a G

R v DS (2013)
Philip was instructed by a local authority to prosecute a case in which proceedings were brought against a company for tradin

R v DG (2013)
Philip defended a father accused of the rape of his daughter and the sexual assault of another young girl.