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Philip Stott

Call 2004

Practice: Crime, Business Crime and Regulatory

Philip has a wide-ranging practice in criminal and regulatory work. He specialises in defending proceedings brought against professional individuals, particularly in the medical and legal fields, and in prosecuting and defending serious and organised crime.

Philip prosecutes and defends in allegations of criminal fraud and business crime, and provides advisory services to a number of professional corporate clients. He is also experienced in conducting confiscation proceedings following conviction under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Philip is ranked as a leading junior in the field of crime by both Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners. Legal 500 rank him in Tier 3 in the London Bar: Crime section, stating that 'His application of the law and tactical decision-making are highly effective.’ Details of the rankings and commentaries in the Chambers UK Bar Directory 2017 will be published in November 2016.

He accepts work via direct public access.



Philip is an experienced and talented advocate in the criminal courts, trusted by defence solicitors and prosecuting authorities alike in cases with high levels of sensitivity and complexity. He is frequently instructed on a private basis.

His experience includes prosecuting and defending cases involving allegations of

  • Homicide, including allegations of medical negligence or involving expert evidence.
  • Acquisitive crime, including crimes of high levels of violence, blackmail or sophisticated dishonesty.
  • Sexual offending, including rape and the abuse of children.
  • Large scale cases of money laundering and/or fraud.
  • The supply of drugs, particularly over international borders.
  • Immigration offending, including misconduct by public officials or lawyers.
  • Motoring fatalities, and driving offences.

Recent appellate work includes

  • R v Rudling [2016] EWCA Crim 741 – Junior Counsel for Dr Rudling (led by Zoe Johnson QC), representing a doctor in respect of whom the trial judge had acceded to a submission of no case to answer at the end of the prosecution case. The prosecution appealed that decision on an expedited basis to the Court of Appeal. The appeal was successfully resisted by the defence.
  • R v Bala [2016] EWCA Crim 560 – Junior Counsel for the Crown (led by Simon Farrell QC). An appeal against conviction on the question of whether two defendants in a polygamous marriage to each other can conspire together for the purposes of s.2 of the Criminal Law Act 1977. The safety of the conviction was upheld.

Recent and current trial work includes

  • R v S and H – Junior Counsel for the Crown (led by Sally Howes QC) in a forthcoming trial of a father accused of murdering his baby son, and associated child cruelty charges faced by both parents.
  • R v L – Sole Counsel for the defence in a forthcoming trial for a man accused of downloading indecent images of children.
  • R v Butler and Gray – Junior Counsel for the Crown (led by Ed Brown QC and Ben Fitzgerald) in the trial of the murder of 6-year old Ellie Butler by her father Ben Butler, and associated charges of perverting the course of justice and child cruelty against her mother Jenni Gray. The murder followed the overturning by the Court of Appeal of an earlier conviction of Ben Butler for assaulting Ellie, and Ellie subsequently being returned to her parents by the High Court, and involved complex and sensitive disclosure considerations. Both defendants were convicted.
  • R v Rudling and Thomas – Junior Counsel for Dr Rudling (led by Zoe Johnson QC), representing a General Practitioner accused of the manslaughter by gross negligence of a 12-year old boy, and perverting the course of justice. The defendant was acquitted of all charges by the judge following legal submissions made on her behalf.
  • R v Collins, Reader, Wood and others – Junior Counsel for the prosecution in the burglary of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd on Easter Weekend, 2015 – the largest burglary in English legal history.
  • R v Pooley, Pooley, Quinalha and others – Leading Counsel for the Prosecution in a case of repeated importations of over 100kg + of Class A and B drugs across multiple international borders by logistics firms.
  • R v Bishop, Bishop and others – Junior Counsel for the prosecution in an allegation of multiple kidnaps carried out across London by a large group of defendants.
  • R v Bala and others – Junior Counsel for the prosecution in a multi-handed operation surrounding the very large-scale breach of immigration law by a corrupt Home Office official providing false travel documents to over 200 suspects
  • R v A - Sole Counsel for the defence for a client acquitted of committing the night-time rape of a stranger.
  • R v H – Sole Counsel for the prosecution in historic allegations of child abuse on multiple complainants.


Philip represents professionals in the medical and legal spheres in proceedings before their regulator, and in the criminal courts. He has prosecuted and defended allegations of clinical negligence or poor performance, and also of dishonesty and sexual misconduct. He is experienced in all forms of regulatory hearings, both interim orders and full fitness to practice tribunals, and has appeared before a wide variety of regulatory bodies including the:

  • General Medical Council
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • General Dental Council
  • Health and Care Professions Council
  • General Optical Council
  • Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Immigration Services Tribunal
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

Recent work includes:

  • SRA v Mr H – Sole Counsel for the Defence in an appeal at the Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal, regarding the imposition of a rebuke and a s.43 order prohibiting him from employment without the permission of the SRA.
  • GDC v Mr D – Sole Counsel for the Defence, no order imposed at the GDC for a dentist accused of misconduct involving allegations of improper billing and deficient professional performance.
  • CILEx v Mr H – Sole Counsel for the Defence, reprimand imposed at the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives regarding allegations of dishonesty over Employment Tribunal proceedings.
  • GDC v Mr X – Sole Counsel for the Defence, reprimand imposed for a dentist accused of assaulting a member of the public with an extendable baton outside his surgery.
  • R v Dr O – Sole Counsel for the Defence, acquittal in the criminal courts of a consultant anaesthetist charged with the forcible insertion of a naso-gastric tube without consent.
  • R v Zacharias – Sole Counsel for the Defence, acquittal in the criminal courts of a solicitor charged with mortgage fraud.

Business crime

Philip provides both oral and written advocacy for individuals and corporates in criminal proceedings and in relation to licensing/regulatory matters.

Recent cases in the criminal courts include:

  • R v Eshpari and others – Junior Counsel for the defence for a trader alleged to have committed investor and advance fee fraud regarding diamond trading.
  • R v P and others -   Junior Counsel for the defence for the owner of a telecommunications company acquitted of engaging in multi-million-pound fraud against network providers, including the use of premium rate numbers and GSM Gateway devices.
  • R v Palumbo and another – Sole Counsel for the prosecution of two Royal Bank of Scotland employees convicted of assisting in the fraudulent granting of mortgage applications.
  • R v K – Counsel representing a head-teacher/managing director of a private educational institution in relation to a prosecution brought by the Health & Safety Executive regarding a serious accident on school premises.

Recent advisory work for corporate bodies includes:

  • Advising on liability for alleged breaches of the Environmental Protection Act, and on possible revocation of environment permits following a criminal conviction.
  • Advising on the possibility of private prosecution of an employee accused of gross misconduct and dishonesty regarding Fraud by Abuse of Position.
  • Advising on the potential criminal liability of a property company in relation to the variation of leasehold agreements, and on the charging of fees in relation to property management services.


Philip has significant experience in the Coroner’s Court. He has represented, via the Royal British Legion’s Inquest Advice and Assistance Service, the next-of-kin of:

  • Corporal Stephen Boote, at an inquest held by HM Coroner for Swindon and Wiltshire in relation to the ‘Blue 25’ killing of five UK soldiers by a rogue Afghan National Police officer in Helmand Province in 2009.
  • Lance Corporal Michael Foley, at an inquest held by HM Coroner for Oxford, in relation to his murder by a rogue Afghan National Army soldier whilst on active service in Afghanistan.
  • Colour Sergeant Martyn Horton, Lance Corporal David Ramsden, Private Douglas Halliday and Private Alex Isaac, at an inquest held by HM Coroner for Swindon and Wiltshire in relation to the death of all four following the collision involving their Ridgeback armoured patrol vehicle in Helmand Province in 2010.


Fraud Lawyers Association

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

Treasurer, QEB Hollis Whiteman

Registered Bar Council ‘Advocacy and The Vulnerable’ Facilitator/Trainer


1999-2002 BA (Hons), History, Queens' College, University of Cambridge
2004 Bar Vocational Course, Inns of Court School of Law
2003 General Diploma In Law, City University, London

Crown Prosecution Service Grade 3 Prosecutor
Approved CPS Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Prosecuting Counsel

Notable cases:

R v Flore - Death by Dangerous
At a trial in front of HHJ Gordon at the Central Criminal Court from 21 to 24 March 2017, Philip Stott prosecuted Vasile Flore for Causing Death By Dangerous Driving.

R v Rudling (2016)
Acting on behalf of GP charged with gross negligence manslaughter of a child. The Dr was acquitted on the defence's application at the close of the prosecution case, the prosecution appealed and the acquittal was upheld.

R v Butler and Gray
Edward Brown QC, Ben Fitzgerald and Philip Stott prosecute father for murder of 6 year old daughter and her mother for child cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

R -v- Ives and others (2014)
4 defendants sentenced to total of 73 years for drug dealing offences.

R -v- Patel (2014)
Philip Stott represents client acquitted of multi-million pound telecommunications fraud.

R v Stewart & Others (2013)
50kg cannabis conspiracy

R v Tull & Others (2012)
Successful prosecution of three armed gang members

R v Zacharias (2012)
Successful acquittal on £100,000 mortgage fraud

R v Palumbo & Morin (2012)
Two RBS Bankers convicted of million pound mortgage fraud

British Soldier unlawfully killed (2011)
Blue 25

Operation Eaglewood (2010)
Money laundering and drug trafficking. Prosecuting the largest case currently brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.

R v Craft & others (2009)
Cocaine importation & supply conspiracy

GMC v Dr E (2008)
Hospital consultant charged with accessing child pornography