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QEB News: Polly Dyer acts for FCA to secure Operation Cotton confiscation orders
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QEB News: Polly Dyer represents FCA in insider dealing trial
31.11.2016 More >

QEB News: Prosecution offer no evidence after complainant's evidence discredited in fraud and money laundering trial
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QEB News: Inquest of Capt. Thomas Clarke - Linda Strudwick and Polly Dyer represent the family of Lynx pilot
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QEB News: Polly Dyer appointed chair of Female Fraud Forum
02.3.2016 More >

QEB News: Paul Wakerley and Polly Dyer act for appellant as Court of Appeal quash dishonesty convictions
19.10.2015 More >

QEB News: Polly Dyer represents care worker charged with fraud
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QEB News: Operation Cotton: Case Concludes - Sean Larkin QC, Paul Raudnitz and Polly Dyer act for Financial Conduct Authority
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QEB News: Tom Coke-Smyth and Polly Dyer provide Case Management training to members of the LBLA
18.11.2014 More >

QEB News: Tom Kark QC and Polly Dyer speak at Leigh Day Solicitors on Coroners and Inquests
12.6.2014 More >

QEB News: Tom Kark QC and Polly Dyer represent family at Inquest into the death of a Red Arrows pilot
10.1.2014 More >

QEB News: New Tenants
7.3.2012 More >

Polly Dyer

Call 2010
1st class BA (Hons)
Graduate Diploma in Law
Bar Vocational Course

Practice:  Inquests & Inquiries, Fraud, Crime, Regulatory

Inquests & Inquiries

Polly Dyer has substantial expertise and experience in inquest proceedings. In January 2014, Polly was led in the inquest into the death of Flt Lt. Cunningham, a Red Arrow pilot who died after being ejected from his plane; she represented his family. In August 2015 she represented the family of a woman, Pamela Sanderson , who was hit by a bus crossing High Barnet High Street, on the instruction of Leigh Day Solicitors. She has also appeared in inquests for other interested persons, including a medical professional in an inquest stemming from a death in custody, and has presented talks on the subject.  Polly was also instructed in an inquest arising from a road traffic incident.  She has a keen grasp of the law and procedure relating to inquests and issues of potential liability. Polly is keen to develop her practice in this area and regularly gives talks on the subject.

Polly also has a thorough understanding of the law and procedure relating to public inquiries. In 2012, she was seconded to the Department of Heath for a number of months as a junior member of the Inquiry team to assist in the preparation of the report arising from the Public Inquiry into the failure to regulate the Mid- Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.


Polly Dyer has experience acting in serious and complex criminal cases; she is currently instructed by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) as second junior and disclosure counsel in the FCA’s first criminal prosecution of a “land banking” fraud.  She has, as such, a detailed knowledge of the law on disclosure.

She has an in-depth understanding of the law and procedure relating to confiscation (both under POCA and the previous legislation) and enforcement based on practical experience, and has written extensively on the subject of economic crime (“Keeping Proportionality in Proportion: an Update on Waya and Confiscation” [2014] Archbold Review; “Time to Agree Terms?” [2013] The New Law Journal; “Confiscation: Waya and other Recent Developments” [2013] Archbold Review).

She has prosecuted for the Department for Work and Pensions on a number of occasions and has been instructed on behalf of defendants, advising on confiscation matters and acting in enforcement proceedings.  Additionally, during pupillage, Polly assisted in a variety of prosecutions, including multi-handed serious fraud and money laundering cases and those brought by the Financial Services Authority (as it then was) and the Serious Fraud Office.


Polly both defends and prosecutes, primarily appearing in the Crown Court. She has extensive experience of advising on criminal matters and conducting trials and other hearings across the range of criminal courts, from the Youth Court through to the Magistrates’ and Crown Court.

Polly is regularly instructed for the defence and, appearing alone, has defended in cases involving fraud, serious violence, drugs possession and supply, weapon possession, dishonesty offences (robbery, burglary), arranging the commission of child sex offences, threats to kill, and cases concerning public order and road traffic offences.

As a pupil, she assisted in the preparation of the defence case in the third Victoria Station murder trial, a case that lasted five months at the Central Criminal Court, having also assisted in the first Victoria Station trial. As a first six pupil, she had involvement in the case for one of the defendants charged with murder in the Camberwell toddler arson murder.

She is a level 2 prosecutor and has substantial experience appearing for the Crown. In early 2012, she completed a secondment with the Crown Prosecution Service, working within the Special Operations Unit, the unit established to prosecute offences arising out of the London riots. Polly has also prosecuted for the Probation Service. Polly has appeared on behalf of local councils on a number of occasions, including, for example, in cases involving statutory nuisance.

Polly is sensitive to the issues relating to young defendants charged with criminal offences and has experience advising and representing vulnerable adults and young people.  She also has a great deal of experience in mitigating on behalf of defendants where there are a number of aggravating factors.  Polly is committed to providing all clients with the highest standard of advocacy and care. She is meticulous in her preparation and dedicated to upholding the trust that has been placed in her by a client.

Motoring Offences

Polly is regularly instructed on a private basis in driving matters: she has successfully defended clients charged with drink driving and other offences; she has mitigated on behalf of others who have pleaded guilty, for example, to driving without due care and attention.

Regulatory & Professional Discipline

Polly has appeared on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in substantive hearings before the Conduct and Competence Committee. Polly has also defended in both of these forums. She has also been instructed on behalf of the General Dental Council to appear before the Interim Orders Committee. She has a detailed understanding of the healthcare sector in light of her involvement in the Mid-Staffordshire Public Inquiry. She has also represented health-care professionals in a range of different forums. She is keen to expand her practice in this area. As a pupil, Polly assisted in regulatory matters in the General Medical Council and General Dental Council, and conducted research on the appeals procedure. She also has experience of prosecutions brought by Trading Standards.

Polly has also given talks to the General Medical Council, please click HERE to download the PDF document.

Additional Information

During her legal studies, Polly conducted legal research on criminal cases at Argent Chambers. She volunteered with the Public Law Project, Interights and the AIRE Centre and conducted research for the Howard League for Penal Reform. Polly has also provided written advice to the Innocence Project and is committed to undertaking pro-bono work.


Inquest Lawyers Group
Howard League for Penal Reform
Criminal Bar Association
Young Fraud Lawyers Association
Committee member of the Female Fraud Forum
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Health and Safety Lawyers Association
The Bar Pro Bono Unit


Queen Mother Scholarship from Middle Temple
Jules Thorn Scholarship from Middle Temple

Notable cases:

R v Koort & Others
Polly Dyer was led by Tom Baker in a money laundering prosecution at the Central Criminal Court. Three defendants were convicted. Sentences imposed ranged from 11 years' imprisonment to 4 years' imprisonment.

Prosecution offer no evidence after complainant's evidence discredited in fraud and money laundering trial. (2016)
QEB Hollis Whiteman member Ben FitzGerald represented a former Chief Operating Officer and fellow member Polly Dyer represented her partner, who were charged with fraud and money laundering respectively.

Appeal quash dishonesty convictions (2015)
Paul Wakerley and Polly Dyer act for appellant as Court of Appeal quash dishonesty convictions

Inquest into the death of P.S. (2015)
Polly Dyer represented the family of a woman who was hit by a bus when crossing Barnet High Street. She was instructed by L

R v S (2015)
Polly Dyer represented a care worker charged with 13 counts of fraud. She was accused of making a variety of fraudulent tran

Operation Cotton (2015)
Operation Cotton: Case Concludes - Sean Larkin QC, Paul Raudnitz and Polly Dyer act for Financial Conduct Authority

R v AS (2014)
Polly was instructed privately to appear for a defendant charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

GDC -v- Ross (2014)
Polly Dyer acted for the General Dental Council in a prosecution involving the illegal practice of tooth whitening.

Inquest of Flt. Lt Sean Cunningham (2014)
Death of a Red Arrow Pilot

R -v- PR (2014)
Polly Dyer acted for a defendant charged with two counts of theft and 12 counts of fraud.

R -v- JC (2014)
Polly Dyer acted for a defendant charged with possession with intent to supply a class B drug.

Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry (2013)
Public Inquiry into failings at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust


Confiscation: An Update (Part 1- Benefit, Realisable Amount and Proportionality) - Archbold Review

Disclosure and abuse of process
Polly Dyer reviews the Court of Appeal decision in R v R & Others [2015].

Lexis PSL Corporate Crime analysis – Jason Mansell and Polly Dyer review trends in the prosecution of directors

Ahmad and Fields- Clarification by the Supreme Court or a Precursor to More Litigation? Recent Developments on Restraint and Confiscation. Archbold Review, Issue 10, Dec

Confiscation orders: The Supreme Court's decision in Ahmad and Fields, Fraud Intelligence,

Inquests: changes introduced by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 - Polly Dyer

Keeping “Proportionality” in Proportion: an Update on Waya and Confiscation
[2014] 2 Archbold Review 6 1.4.2014

QEB Hollis Whiteman barrister Polly Dyer and HHJ Michael Hopmeier assess the role and likely impact of Deferred Prosecution A 20.9.2013

TS Today - August 2013. The Enterprise Act 2002
Polly Dyer has completed an article for August's addition of Trading Standards Today, in relation to The Enterprise Act 2002. 29.7.2013

Bail in Criminal Proceedings
"Bail in Criminal Proceedings", Westlaw UK Insight, 4th July 2013 4.7.2013

Confiscation Waya and other recent developments
"Confiscation: Waya and other recent developments" by Polly Dyer and Michael Hopmeier, Archbold Review, Issue 1, February 201 16.1.2013

First Time Offenders
"First-time Offenders", Westlaw UK Insight, 11 July 2013 14.1.2013