Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris

Call 1997
LLB (Hons) (London) BVC (ICSL)

Practice: Crime and Regulatory


Rebecca Harris is regularly instructed in high-profile and difficult cases in the areas of Regulatory Law and Professional Discipline, and Crime. Her practice includes all related appellate work.

Ranked as a Leading Junior in both Chambers UK (2016) Professional Discipline and Legal 1500 (2016) Professional Discipline and Regulatory law, those she has worked with have had the following to say:

"She is a delight to work with. A highly practical advocate, who sees the bigger picture and achieves results with the minimum of fuss." "She is a first-class advocate who is able to marshal complex dental evidence with great skill. She can explain difficult concepts to clients in a simple and accessible way." Chambers UK (2016) Professional Discipline.

'She is an efficient and effective advocate.’ Legal 500 (2016) Professional Discipline and Regulatory Law (including police law).

"She is very sensible, experienced and has good judgement." "She is extremely  able and gives highly effective, practical solutions complex legal problems." Chambers UK (2015) Professional Discipline

Rebecca Harris is 'extremely able and gives highly effective and practical solutions to complex issues. She is also charming and good humoured as well as being a clever and pragmatic advocate'."
Chambers UK (2014) Professional Discipline

"New to the tables this year, Rebecca Harris acts extensively before the GMC and GDC, and also advises regulatory bodies on points of law and appears in the High Court.  Sources praise her as 'a very smooth, well prepared, accomplished performer' who makes the vexed process of hearings run more smoothly than it might otherwise do."  Chambers UK (2013) Professional Discipline

“Rebecca Harris ‘consistently impresses with her ability to deal with complex clinical issues.’”  Legal 500 (2012) Professional discipline and regulatory law


Rebecca Harris is instructed in high-profile cases in professional discipline and serious crime, including related appellate work.

Regulatory and Professional discipline

Moreover Rebecca appears before a variety of regulatory and professional discipline tribunals and is frequently instructed both to advise and present cases before healthcare regulators in particular, she routinely acts for both regulatory bodies and registrants themselves. She undertakes police work.

She appears and advises on behalf of regulators and registrants in appeals in the High Court (Admin), applications in the Family Division and other High Court proceedings. She advises on complex matters of law and procedure for a number of interested parties.

Rebecca regularly provides training in relation to law and procedure in connection with regulatory law and professional discipline.


Rebecca has extensive experience of prosecuting and defending all types of criminal cases, including fraud, serious offences of violence, sexual offences, and cases involving sensitive issues of disclosure. Her practice has included instructions to make PII applications before a variety of tribunals (e.g. the Family Division).

She has spent many years prosecuting cases involving serious sexual offences and has particular expertise in handling young and vulnerable witnesses.

More recently Rebecca has developed specific knowledge and experience in relation to offences arising from misuse of social media.

Rebecca provides training for CPS caseworkers and advocacy training for external agencies

Other Work

Rebecca is a member of the Judicial Panel of the Rugby Football Union

She is experienced in appearing at Inquests (including on behalf of for four police officers at the Inquest into a death occurring during the course of police pursuit).

Recent Significant Regulatory Cases include:
GDC v DW [2016] (on behalf of GDC) Complex case combining allegations of significant clinical deficiencies with allegations of serious dishonesty and numerous gross breaches of professional standards.

GDC v BK [2015] Instructed on behalf of respondent (GDC) in High Court Appeal; Grounds of Appeal based on poor reasoning given by Professional Conduct Committee and apparent misapplication of test for dishonesty. Case now important authority in relation to test for dishonesty in regulatory proceedings

GDC v DT [2015] (on behalf of GDC) Multi-faceted prosecution of registrant for wide-spread clinical deficiencies and inappropriate/dishonest claiming for NHS remuneration.

GDC v JK [2015] (on behalf of GDC) Prosecution of registrant who produced falsified documents when asked by the GDC to provide clinical records as part of an investigation;

Professional Standards Department v Police Constable PE [2014] on behalf of the officer. Represented senior firearms officer who was ultimately cleared of allegations of Gross Misconduct (including honesty and integrity charges) in connection with his alleged dishonest completion of a firearms classification record card.

GDC v RP [2014] (on behalf of GDC) Case involving allegations of wide-ranging and widespread deficiencies in all areas of dental practice, including an enquiry into probity concerns arising from RP’s claims for NHS treatment.

Ms O-A v NMC [2014] (instructed by RCN) Instructed to advise Registrant in relation to Second Appeal in clinical case where finding of Impairment had been made on public interest grounds alone.

GDC v HH [2014] (on behalf of GDC) Registrant accused of inappropriate touching of patient.

GDC v GG [2013-2014] (on behalf of GDC) Allegations arising from failed implant treatment; case involving highly complex expert evidence.

GMC v Dr K [2013] (on behalf of GMC) High Court proceedings (Part 8 claim pursuant to part section 41A(10)(a) of the Medical Act 1983.) Application by doctor to terminate Interim Order of Suspension.

GDC v JT [2013] (instructed on behalf of GDC) Registrant convicted of defrauding the NHS to the sum of £1.4 million.

GDC v FC [2011-2012] (on behalf of GDC) Complex case combining allegations of significant clinical deficiencies with allegations of serious dishonesty and numerous gross breaches of professional standards.

GMC v Dr A [2011] (on behalf of GMC) General Practitioner charged with inappropriate intimate examination of a young person with Mental Health issues.

GMC v Dr E [2011] (on behalf of the GMC) Doctor charged with protracted sexual relationship patient, continuing to treat both the patient and her husband during the course of the relationship and set up of husband. patient with a suspect lesion (patient later died of oral cancer).

Recent Significant Criminal Cases include :
R v KJ, JH and MB [2015] (on behalf of CPS) Prosecution of three young defendants for the alleged gang-rape of a teenage girl.

R v CG and others [2013] (on behalf of CPS) Multi-handed case involving allegations of offences contrary to the Fraud Act and related POCA offences.

R v VF [2011] (on behalf of CPS) Prosecution of Defendant charged with Sexual Activity with a person with a Mental Disorder Impeding Choice.

R v GM x 2 [2010-2011] (on behalf of CPS) Trial one involved offences contrary to POCA 2002. Trial two alleged multiple Mortgage Frauds.

Additional Information

Member of QEBHW Pupillage Committee (person responsible for overseeing pupils’ progress and welfare during pupillage at QEB)
Member of Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Member of Fraud Lawyers’ Association
Member of CBA
Member of British Association of Sports Lawyers - BASL
Provider of training to Healthcare Regulators in relation to law and procedure
Provider of training for CPS caseworkers
Provider of advocacy training both in-house and for external agencies
Working knowledge of Spanish

Notable cases:

Kirschner v GDC (2015) EWHC 1377
Instructed on behalf of respondent (GDC) in High Court Appeal;

GDC v PF (2015)
Highly complex clinical case centred on issues of advanced restorative dentistry.

GDC v PD (2014)
Registrant charged with multiple clinical failings spanning ten-year period and involving two patients (one since deceased);

GDC v RP (2014)
Case involving allegations of wide-ranging and widespread deficiencies in all areas of dental practice, including an enquiry

GDC v HH (2014)
Registrant accused of inappropriate touching.

GDC v GG (2014)
Allegations arising from failed implant treatment; complex expert evidence.

GDC v JT (2013)
Registrant defrauded NHS of £1.4m

GDC v GJ (2013)
Registrant convicted of voyeurism.

R -v- CG and others (2013)
Multi-handed case involving allegations of fraud and POCA offences.

GMC v Dr Elvin (2011)
Doctor struck off for sexual misconduct

R v Harvey (2009)
Guidance on self-defence direction