Susannah Stevens


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Susannah Stevens

Call 1997
First Class Honours LLB - University of Manchester

Practice: Crime, Fraud and Regulatory

"Thorough and great with clients." Legal 500 2016
"Knows the applicable law backwards and deploys it well." (2015)
"Client care is exceptional." (2013)

Legal 500 - Professional discipline and regulatory law.

Susannah Stevens is a tenacious and persuasive advocate whose practice encompasses the full spectrum of criminal, white-collar and regulatory matters.

She frequently appears as leading junior counsel and as led junior for both the prosecution and the defence in complex and serious cases. She is highly regarded for her meticulous pre-trial preparation and attractive advocacy, and is often instructed in cases calling for expertise in conducting difficult cross-examinations.

Susannah has particular experience of sensitive cases that attract media attention and which consequently give rise to broader reputational concerns. She is often counsel of choice for professional clients, representing company directors, accountants, doctors, solicitors and police officers.


Susannah is a sought after senior junior with a reputation and proven track record for providing clients with the highest standards of advocacy and representation. She is well regarded for her skills as a jury advocate and has significant appellate practice in cases involving complex matters of law relating to sentence and conviction alike. Recent cases include:


  • R v B – acting as junior counsel alone, secured the acquittal of the second defendant in an eight-handed case involving the Gooch gang. The gang members were indicted with conspiracy to kidnap, blackmail and cause grievous bodily harm with electrodes, pliers, blowtorches and firearms. The trial and subsequent re-trial lasted 10 months. The defence case was that the complainant was a willing participant in a fake kidnapping and that the police were guilty of gross misconduct.


  • R v T – acting as junior counsel alone, successfully argued self-defence against a charge of attempted murder. The complainant had been stabbed a number of times in the neck following a neighbour dispute.


  • R v M – chosen to represent a court clerk at a London Crown Court who had been caught accessing pornographic material on his computer in court, by the judge, during the sitting of a rape trial.


  • R v S – defended a homosexual police officer facing an allegation of the rape of his male colleague after a Christmas party.


  • R v G – junior counsel for the defence of a youth charged with the gangland murder of a 13 year old boy outside his school.


  • R v A – leading counsel for the prosecution relating to the operation of a prostitution ring which had amassed profits in excess of £2 million.


  • R v S – leading defence counsel in the successful defence of an UKBA employee charged with conspiracy to commit fraudulent immigration offences which had allegedly resulted in hundreds of individuals falsely being granted indefinite leave to remain.


Susannah has extensive experience in both defending and prosecuting white-collar fraud cases. She appears on behalf of the Serious Fraud Office and  the CPS Special Case Work unit. She is regularly instructed to advise in respect of confiscation and restraint issues.

Susannah’s recent successes defending include representing a company director charged with a multi-million pound VAT fraud alleged to have involved offshore bank accounts, shelf companies and numerous false identities. The prosecution’s case folded following Susannah successfully arguing an abuse of process application based on prosecutorial failings.

Susannah was junior counsel on behalf of a defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud. The case allegedly involved a million pound benefit resulting from the defrauding of the UK Government’s failed education Individual Learning Aaccount scheme. There were significant disclosure issues relating to evidence of the conduct of the Department for Education, the legal advice that the Department received, and the findings of a House of Commons Committee into the collapse of the scheme.

Regulatory and Civil cases

Susannah has a longstanding practice defending and presenting regulatory matters, and continues to appear regularly before various tribunals and the Administrative Court. She appears on behalf of bodies including the Police Federation, the General Social Care Council (GSCC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). She has a substantial advisory practice in this area and, when defending, has often succeeded in resolving matters prior to their coming to a full hearing.   

Owing to the depth of her experience, she regularly lectures and trains others in the field of professional discipline.

Recent cases include:


  • Concluding a case of gross police misconduct involving racial assault and abuse, upon a successful abuse of process application. The application arose from the delay in serving the Regulation Notice . The proceedings followed a Channel Four “Dispatches” programme and recommendations by the IPCC.



  • Successful defence of a police officer facing allegations of grooming and sexual intercourse with a 13 year old child. The case collapsed after the complainant confessed that she had lied during the course of Susannah’s cross-examination.


  • Advising with regards to a potential civil action for misfeasance in public office and negligence involving the conduct of a Joint Branch Board Chairman of the Police Federation. The case involved complex, esoteric issues relating to: the vicarious liability of the Chief Constable; the definition of a ‘Police Federation representative’; potential conflicts of interest; and breaches of the Funding Rules.


  • Judicial review of the Home Secretary’s refusal to follow the recommendation of the Parole Board in relation to a mandatory lifer and the inadequate provision of rehabilitative courses.


Additional information

Middle Temple Advocacy Trainer

Pupil Supervisor

Professional memberships

Criminal Bar Association



Notable cases:

R -v- Perryman (2015)
Represents NHS executive at Norwich Crown Court.

R v Yelland (2014)
Susannah Stevens defends John Yelland,  for illegal arms sales on the ‘dark web’.

RE - PC H (2010)
Abuse of process application granted

RE - PS W (2010)
Police Discipline

R v McDonald (2009)
Company Director -  £ multi million Fraud

R v Iqbal (2009)
Multi-handed million pound fraud

R v Banaras
Conspiracy to Kidnap

R v McDonald
Company Director - Multi Million pound fraud

R v E
Rape of 7 year old

R v Rowe
Large-scale prostitution ring