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QEB News: Tim Naylor and Philip Evans represent the BHA in the case of Andrew Findlay and other
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QEB News: "Man With The Golden Boot", Tim Naylor comments on the current FIFA scandal
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QEB News: Philip Evans and Tim Naylor represent the BHA in Anthony Knott’s appeal against ban
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QEB News: Racehorse owner Anthony Knott disqualified for 3 years
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QEB News: British Horseracing Authority announces date for McGrath corruption hearing - Phil Evans and Tim Naylor to represent BHA
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Tim Naylor

Call 2010
BA - History, Harvard University
GDL, BVC (Outstanding)

Practice: Crime, Fraud and Regulatory

Tim joined QEB Hollis Whiteman upon successful completion of his pupillage in Chambers.  He is regularly instructed to appear in front of a variety of tribunals and to advise individuals, governing bodies and public authorities. 


Tim is regularly instructed for both the prosecution and defence in the Crown Court, Magistrates' and Youth Court.  He has particular expertise in defending private professional clients charged with offences ranging from sexual offences to assault.  He is known for his advocacy, discretion and professionalism.  He has represented defendants in relation to confiscation proceedings and trading standards offences and represented companies facing criminal prosecution.  Tim is also sensitive to the issues relating to young defendants charged with criminal offences and has advised vulnerable adults and youths at all stages of proceedings. 

In August 2011, Tim was seconded to the Crown Prosecution Service to assist with the prosecutions arising out of the public disorder in London. As part of the Operation Withern team he drafted the sentencing guidelines for public order related offences and advised on charge, evidential sufficiency and case preparation. He is now regularly instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service and has since assisted Linda Strudwick in the successful prosecution of a fake GP charged with sexual offences and fraud. As Junior Counsel in the case of R v Lawrence, the defendant was convicted of conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to rob and possession of a firearm at the Central Criminal Court.

Tim has also successfully prosecuted allegations of benefit fraud on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions and has been instructed by the London Borough of Harrow & Brent Trading Standards.

Motoring Offences

Tim has much experience in relation to motoring offences and has appeared in both the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court. He has successfully defended professional clients charged with careless driving and failing to provide and mitigated on behalf of clients pleading guilty to drink driving and insurance related offences. He has developed a depth of knowledge in the field and has advised on the instruction of experts relating to speed, stopping distances and medical evidence for criminal proceedings. Tim has successfully represented companies charged with motoring offences in appeal proceedings at the Crown Court and successfully argued exceptional hardship on behalf of private professional clients.

Business and White Collar Crime

Tim has both represented defendants and prosecuted offenders charged with benefit fraud and other financial offences. He was Junior Defence Counsel at the Central Criminal Court in relation to allegations of fraudulent trading in the case of R – v – Brindley (Simon) & others.

He was seconded to the Financial Services Authority and assisted with a civil regulatory action against a land investment firm operating as a collective investment scheme. During his time at the FCA he was also involved with the regulatory prosecution of Stewart Ford in relation to the collapse of Keydata.

He has considerable experience of conducting reviews: he was instructed by WilmerHale to review material relating to potential bribery and corruption allegations against a US Investment Bank, this was eventually settled with the SEC; he was instructed by a global commercial law firm to review client files for LPP material relating to a major fraud investigation; he was instructed by Thames Valley Police as Independent Counsel to advise in relation to potentially privileged material relating to a large prosecution at Southwark Crown Court.

Tim has considerable experience in matters of confiscation and restraint.


Sports Law

Tim has experienced regulatory proceedings, upon which his supervisor presided, for the Rugby Football Union Disciplinary Committee. He continues to provide written advice for rugby players involved in disciplinary matters. He has assisted Philip Evans with providing advice to a UK athlete appealing the decision of the UK Athletics selection panel relating to the London Olympic Games 2012 and has advised the Premier League. Tim regularly presents on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority at disciplinary tribunals and licensing hearings.

Health Care

Tim has assisted the Department of Health with issues arising out of the Mid-Staffordshire public inquiry. He has presented cases on behalf of the General Social Care Council and is qualified to present on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Tim is keen to be involved with pro bono work and has assisted with an inquest into the tragic death of a serviceman on behalf of the family and the Royal British Legion. He regularly advises on potential appeals to the Privy Council by individuals from the Caribbean and is currently assisting the Cardiff University Innocence Project.

Previous Employment

Prior to joining chambers, Tim worked at Citi Global Markets and Investment Bank as an analyst on the Equity Finance desk and twice interned at the Independent Jamaican Council for Human Rights in Kingston, Jamaica.


2009 - 7 Bedford Row Criminal Law Prize Essay competition winner.  

2010 - Kalisher Scholar.

2010 - Civitas Law Award for Drafting and Opinion Writing.

2010 - Certificate of Honour from the Middle Temple.

Notable cases:

R v Pike & another (2017)
Philip Evans QC led Tim Naylor in the prosecution of Dale Pike for the manslaughter by gross negligence of Gareth Pugh

Philip Evans and Tim Naylor represent the BHA in Anthony Knott’s appeal against ban (2015)
QEB Hollis Whiteman barristers Evans and Naylor appeared on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority opposing the appeal

R -v- Carbon and others (2014)
Series of armed robberies

R v Doyle (2014)
ID Fraud

BHA -v- Jarvis (Alan) (2014)
Tim Naylor acted on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority against racehorse trainer Alan Jarvis.

BHA -v Arnold (Stephen) (2013)
Acted on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority against racehorse owner Stephen Arnold.

R v Clean Footprint Limited (2012)
Successful appeal against convictions for failing to provide information relating to the driver of a company vehicle

R v Lawrence & Others (2012)
Conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to possess a firearm with intention to rob and possession of a firearm

X v UK Athletics Selection Panel (2012)
Appeal to the UK Athletics appeal panel

R v Gobbato (2012)
Bogus GP sexually assaulting patients

R v Blackstone (2011)
Careless driving