Tom Broomfield


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Tom Broomfield

Call 2007

Practice: Financial Crime, Crime and Regulatory

Tom has a thriving financial crime practice and is instructed in large and complex cases, both defending and prosecuting.

Tom accepts work via direct public access.

Financial Crime

Tom is regularly instructed to prosecute and defend in large and complex corporate and financial crime cases. He is frequently instructed by the FCA to prosecute criminal insider dealing offences, advising in such cases from an early stage of the investigation to conclusion. He has appeared in some of the most high profile criminal prosecutions brought by the FCA, including R v. Dodgson and Others, and R v. Lyttleton. Tom also advises clients on issues arising from criminal and regulatory investigations brought by the FCA, SFO and CPS.


Tom defends in large-scale, multi-handed drugs and money-laundering cases. In 2014, Tom defended alone in a three-handed conspiracy to import cocaine, a case described by the National Crime Agency as a sophisticated, multi-jurisdictional conspiracy to import considerable volumes of the drug from the USA.

In 2015, Tom defended alone a case concerning a six-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin, an operation spanning some nine months involving defendants travelling from South London to deal drugs on a near daily basis in Hampshire. He has also defended individuals charged with arson, blackmail, wounding with intent and firearms offences.

Tom is at level two of the CPS advocates’ panel and is regularly instructed by the CPS Special Casework Unit to prosecute in matters of particular gravity. He was, for example, junior in a prosecution involving nine individuals accused of conspiring to smuggle cannabis and mobile phones into HMP Pentonville. Tom has also prosecuted a serious conspiracy to rob involving a gang that targeted a haulage company delivering high value goods and a case in which the defendant was charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to endanger life.

Tom regularly represents individuals charged with road traffic offences and has particular experience advising professionals in this area. He recently, for example, represented a solicitor charged with driving without due care and attention, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.


Tom has established a successful defence practice in regulatory tribunals. He has represented registrants in misconduct hearings before the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Conduct and Competence Committee and defended applications by the NMC for an interim suspension order. In 2015, Tom represented an applicant before the Health and Care Professions Council at a substantive order review hearing. The panel revoked a suspension order allowing the applicant to regain employment as a social worker.

Regulatory crime

Tom has particular expertise in criminal aspects of copyright and trademark law and has prosecuted in cases ranging from large-scale conspiracies to defraud to supplying counterfeit goods and breaches of consumer protection law.

He has lectured on trading standards law at conferences and seminars across the UK and advises on charge and sufficiency of evidence at an early stage of proceedings.

Tom is also instructed to prosecute on behalf of Government Departments including the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Tom has a detailed knowledge of issues arising from corporate liability and the prosecution of strict or near strict liability offences, which makes him ideally placed to advise individuals or companies facing criminal proceedings in a regulatory context.

Notable cases:

Operation Tabernula (Dodgson, Hind, Anderson, Parvizi, Harrison) 2016
Two convicted in the ‘biggest ever insider trading trial’; Tom Broomfield instructed by FCA as disclosure junior.

Operation Tabernula (2015)
The most complex insider dealing investigation undertaken so far by the Financial Services Authority

R v. Williamson and others(2015)
Defended in multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine and herion

R v. Claxton (2015)
Defended a woman charged with section 18. Prosecution offered no evidence against defendant alleged to have stabbed her former partner

R v. Aina(2015)
Defended in case involving the possession of expanding ammunition

R v. Ace Waste Haulage(2015)
Defended company that pleaded guilty to fly tipping -

R v. Mongan(2014)
Prosecuted single defendant for conspiring to rob a number of Haulage firm delivery lorries

R v. Stehlik and others(2014)
Defended in three-handed conspiracy to import cocaine

R v. Tshoma(2014)
Prosecuted a single defendant for violent disorder and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence

R v. Tiehoule and others(2014)
Defendant acquitted of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life

R v Bell (2011)
Fraudulent Trading

R v Peacock (2010)
Illegal activity arising from car clamping business

R v Swales (2010)
Successfull prosecution

Operation Eaglewood (2010)
Money laundering and drug trafficking. Prosecuting the largest case currently brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.

R v Ghulaman & Sadiqi (2009)
Trading Standards' biggest ever “car clocking” fraud conspiracy.

R v Ha Wan Tran & others (2009)
Six-handed conspiracy

R v Brown (2009)
Grievous bodily harm

R v A & others
Large-scale conspiracy


FCA fines experienced bond trader for negligent market abuse - Tom Broomfield co-authors article with Joanne Stephens, Senior Associate with Kingsley Napley.
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