Inquests: Notable case

Inquest into the deaths of Captain T Sawyer & Corporal D Winter (2015)

Following a narrative verdict at the inquest of two British servicemen killed in Afghanistan in a friendly fire incident, their families, represented by QEB Hollis Whiteman Barristers Phil Evans and Tom Coke-Smythe, called for both a review of how the Javelin weapons system is used and for a government inquiry into the Afghan conflict itself.

The coroner’s verdict recorded  that human error and a series of "interconnected events" caused the deaths in 2009.

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Notable cases:

Inquest into the death of P.S. (2015)
Polly Dyer represented the family of a woman who was hit by a bus when crossing Barnet High Street. She was instructed by L
Polly Dyer

Inquest into the deaths of Captain T Sawyer & Corporal D Winter (2015)
Article 2 inquest into friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.
Philip Evans | Thomas Coke-Smyth

Inquest into the death of BW (2014)
Inquest into a death by electrocution
Adrian Darbishire QC | Selva Ramasamy

Sergeant Loughran-Dickson (2014)
Represents interests of family
Lydia Barnfather

Inquest of Flt. Lt Sean Cunningham (2014)
Death of a Red Arrow Pilot
Tom Kark QC | Polly Dyer

Inquest into the death of Nicholas Wheller (2013)
Death in Custody
Fraser Coxhill

William Boyce QC and Fraser Coxhill represent family at Inquest into the death of a soilder in Iraq (2013)
Death of Soldier
William Boyce QC | Fraser Coxhill

Inquest touching on the death of J.S. (2013)
A prison inmate who died by suspension
Polly Dyer

Lt. Joshua Woodhouse (2012)
Selva Ramasamy appears at inquest into death on board warship
Selva Ramasamy

Corporal C (2012)
Betrayal of a war hero
Mark Aldred