Motoring & Traffic: Notable case

R v Bowden

Anthony Wilcken prosecuted.

BBC News, Friday, 5 December, 2003

'Callous' driver fled fatal crash
A "callous" driver has been convicted of causing the death of a young nurse travelling in the back seat.

Anthony Bowden, 24, from Islington, north London, who had been drinking all night, was seen tailgating another car before careering into bollards.

Tracey Mulroy, 23, was hurled through the window and dragged under the wheel. She died later from multiple injuries.

Bowden fled the scene in a display of "callousness beyond recognition," said the judge at Southwark Crown Court.

They made no attempt to assist their dying and seriously injured companions
Anthony Wilcken, prosecuting

The jury heard that the student had spent 12 hours before the late morning accident drinking in various bars before buying more alcohol from an off licence.

An eye-witness told police that as the Volkswagen Golf he was driving tried to overtake a similar car down a one-way street in Islington it suddenly began swerving, hit the pavement and struck three metal bollards before spinning through the air.

The vehicle landed on top of Miss Mulroy, who had been thrown out of the window, and carried her along the ground beneath it, said prosecutor Anthony Wilcken.

No assistance

Fellow passenger Steven Marchant was also thrown out and suffered numerous broken bones and a fractured skull. He eventually made a full recovery.

Bowden fled the scene with two other passengers on 6 May last year .

"One of their companions was seriously injured, another was dying under the wheels. They made no attempt to give first aid or offer assistance. They simply fled," said Mr Wilcken.

Bowden insisted he had not been driving, claiming Mr Marchant was behind the wheel.

He was convicted of dangerous driving and will be sentenced on Monday.

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