Terrorism: Notable case

R v Tsouli & others

Mark Ellison QC prosecuted and Joanna Warwick was junior prosecution counsel. The case was the first prosecution for inciting terrorist murder via internet sites and web chat.

Notable cases:

R v Gul (appellant) (2013)
Supreme Court
Sean Larkin QC

R v Madden (2013)
Allegation of £2.8m film tax credit fraud
Selva Ramasamy

R v Oumerzouk (2010)
Fund raising in the UK for terrorist purposes in another jurisdiction
Zoe Johnson QC

R v Ibrahim (2009)
The Bristol Bomber
Mark Ellison QC | Zoe Johnson QC

R v Tsouli & others
Inciting terrorist murder
Mark Ellison QC | Joanna Warwick

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